Bye Miss Cat. :(

So this Sunday was not like any Sunday we have encountered ever. Usually I take this time to write about Bryce and Brandon ad what we did this weekend. However right now there’s a topic I would like to talk about. Yesterday while outside sitting on the porch watching the boys ride their bike an … More Bye Miss Cat. 😦

Gym, craft, laundry.

Hard to believe it’s been 3 years since I graduated high-school. During mine and Brandon’s move into our new place I found my old high-school yearbooks and while looking back at all the memories I remember one of my favorites: powerlifting and track. I didn’t do powerlifting a whole lot because it interfered with my … More Gym, craft, laundry.

Ninja Zombie Child.

So since being married I have a lot of people asking me “How does it feel to be married?” Or variations of that question. I’ll be totally honest, it feels exactly the same as when we weren’t married, haha. It’s not a bad thing, I think it’s because Brandon and I already pretty much a … More Ninja Zombie Child.

Rainy Day Wedding

First off I want to thank everybody who came out on Saturday to celebrate our marriage and endured the drizzle during the ceremony! That obviously was not how we expected and envisioned our big day. I expected a hot sunny day, worrying about how much I was gonna burn up in that dress. But God … More Rainy Day Wedding

Camping trip.

As most of you know we took a week long camping trip during the month of July! It was really an adventure. This was the first time in years I have been camping in a tent, and the very first time for Brandon and Bryce! Not going lie, I was worried Bryce would get tired … More Camping trip.