About the Alvarados


Hello everybody! My name is Suzanne, I was born in California but raised in Texas. I am 23 years old and Bryce’s step momma! I am currently working as an agent at New York Life. I am a Christian, and I enjoy doing crafty things. I always put my family first and I’m a big budgeter. I’m an outdoors kinda girl, I enjoy camping, swimming and fishing.  Along with being outside I love to ski! I guess I can say I’m kind of an expert 😏 oh and I am pug obsessed! 

This is my husband Brandon, and as you can tell he likes tattoos! But don’t let that apperance fool you, he is actually a big ol teddy bear! He loves Harley morotcycles and cutting hair. He is working as a Barber officially! Brandon is 25 and an amazing father. He puts his family above everything, especially his son Bryce! 
This is Bryce! Our pride and joy! He is 6 years old and a big ball of energy! Bryce loves video games and playing outside in the dirt. Bryce is the kindest little soul ever, he has a giving heart and never hesitates to help. Bryce loves the color blue, his pug moose, hanging with dad, and his mommas singing. 
And last but not least, this is our pug, Moose. Mommas been waiting for him for just about 6 years. And finally got him! He was born 2.2.2015 and is a bad pug. Haha. He enjoys chewing on everything you love, pooping on everything you love, and putting his butt on you. Moose enjoys walks outside and getting new toys. He can sit, lay down, semi roll over, shake a little, and jump on command! So he is pretty smart for being a bad pug. Follow his adventures on Instagram @bad.pug.moose

So this is our perfectly imperfect family. We hope you enjoy our blog! 


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