Does this thing really work? ItWorks Cleanse System

  Some of you know that I did take part of the week long ItWorks system cleanse. This included:

  • ItWorks Ultimate body applicator
  • Thermofit
  • Defining gel
  • Cleanse
  • Greens

“A typical person has about 10 pounds of waste in their system! Using this brand new cleanse product can help eliminate that extra weight!*****

*****results may vary”

I decided to put this to the test for a full week. This week I ate healthy, kept between my calorie count, did my wraps, drank so much water I was about to explode, used my defining gel, and took my thermo fits everyday, you get the point. I have been wanting to lose a few pounds since I got my implant. My goal weight is 120lbs. Before this cleanse I was 139lbs. 

First I want to review everything as a stand alone:


Taste wise it was good. It reminded me of a mixture of berries! It wasn’t until the 2nd day of it I realized it reminded me of taking a big 5 hour energy shot, without the energy. And then realized how it burned my throat drinking it. I also got a slight headache after drinking one.    This product was simple, which I enjoyed because it was only two days, 4 bottles, one in the morning and one at night. I decided to start on Saturday while I was at work because I was told it was “WHITE PANTS APPROVED!” Which was true. But not in the way I was expecting. TMI WARNING:    I did not use the restroom, like really use it too this day.  A week later and my body is not what it was before this cleanse. 


I wanted these to work so bad. But they just don’t. Not for me. I took before and after pictures and nothing. I love the way they feel on, it’s a slight burning sensation but I always felt that was a sign it was working! I would leave mine on for an hour, drink my water, and do another 72 hours later. But I have received no results. 


   This really is liquid gold. And I say this because this is what closed up my ears as fast as they did. I used this after taking my plugs out (over 1/2inch) I’ve used this on my face as well for my acne and I did notice a slight difference in it! I used this during my system cleanse on my stomach and arms, and saw no results. 


These just taste awful, I’m sorry. I could only drink it with high pulp orange juice. I decided to skip out on these in the morning and drink my Herbalife shakes instead. 


Not much to say about this product alone, they smell awful and I down then as quick as I can because the after taste on my tongue was gross. 
Now, the system all together..

     I was not expecting to lose 10 pounds in just a week. But I expected to lose maybe a pound or so more! So I was diligent, I drank so much water I was in the bathroom 24/7! Which is required for basically every ItWorks product. I wanted this to work for me so bad.. But the sad truth is it did not work. My weight did not change, I did not tone up.. I am exactly the same as before except I can’t use the restroom still. 

I am not saying this product is a scam or that it sucks. It just didn’t work for ME. I’ve known a few people who this has worked on. Maybe I didn’t do it correctly, or maybe I’m just one of those unlucky people who is destined for fatness.