2015 – worst year yet. 


 Alright, maybe the title is a little over dramatic. But honestly, 2015 was not a year I ever want to relive.      Of course we had some good moments, we celebrated Bryce’s 4th birthday, celebrated our first anniversary, had a great t-ball month, and of course holidays and family. But if I had the option to relive this year or chop off my hands, I’d chop those suckers off. 

     2015 was the year of stress. Of heartache. Of many lows for my family. We spent pretty much the entire year engulfed in anxiety over a court battle. It turned out well in our favor because we did get more time with Bryce, and that’s all we ever wanted. Just the process of not knowing and the uncertainty of what could happen is enough to drive anybody crazy! 

     But I will tell you what good 2015 did bring us. It brought us a stronger marriage, it brought us closer and made us better for each other. It brought us the realization of who our true friends were, and a deeper meaning of family. Love and support. It’s made me more forgiving and stronger in my faith in God. 

     2016, I hope that you are good to us. I hope that we can move forward as a family and continue to grow. This is a big year of change for us as well. In the next few months I will be transitioning into my new job with New York Life, all while moving. I just hope we can keep our sanity!

     And to end this year off, I will be starting my new year off with a few resolutions. Yeah, cliche I know! 

  • I will do my best, and I will strive for greatness in my new job at NYL.
  • I will be a better wife and step mother.
  • I will live a healthier lifestyle. Complete with diet and exercise. I will get back to my goal weight of 118. 
  • I will continue to grow in my faith and continue to be forgiving. 
  • I will be a better coparent.
  • I will enjoy life more, and spend more personal time with my husband doing things we both love, and trying new things together.
  • I will own 20857 more pugs. 

That’s what I am hoping to accomplish. And I’m pretty excited to be ending this year quick!
And for those of you wondering, no. We will not be having any babies in 2016 so don’t ask. 👍🏻😂