Feminist and family court – men are not PRIVILAGED. 

Yesterday I had commented on a video about feminism. This particular video like many I’ve seen before showed young girls, a tiny bit older then my son Bryce, yelling at the top of their lungs curse words such as “fuck” and “ass” and thinking that by screaming such words would get their point across. It was so extremely distasteful. This is no way to get your point across for a cause you are fighting for.

One of the points they pointed out was “Stop telling girls how to ***** dress and teach boys how to NOT RAPE!!” This blew my mind. Honestly the whole video blew my mind. Just the sheer fact that somebody had taken the time to taint these young girls mind with grown up problems and allow this unacceptable behavior!     For one, girls are not the only ones to get raped. However nobody will believe that because as one commenter told me “men are privileged, men are taken care of.” So OBVIOUSLY nothing bad can ever happen to a man right?? Men don’t deserve safe houses, because they are privileged! They can’t get raped! Because how could a girl rape a guy? We’re too little and small and fragile! Yet, we scream for equal treatment? So how is it a girl can’t rape a man? But this isn’t what I’m writing my post about. 

Another thing this person had told me was (not word for word but the point is the exact same) “What do men have to suffer from that WOMEN haven’t been suffering from so much longer?” As if this was some type of pissing contest on genders. 

Well let me be the first to enlighten you all, just exactly what MEN suffer from that a women don’t even have to worry about. 


     When a couple goes to court over a child or children… Who do you think the kids will end up with? The mom of course. That’s a no brainer! The mom ALWAYS gains full custody of the kids and the dad will be reduced to a paycheck and 4 days (if he’s lucky) a month to see his kids. Men have to fight and prove to a judge who knows nothing about them that he is a good dad, JUST TO SEE HIS KIDS. While a mother, just has to sit there and be just that, a mom, a female. 

Now does that seem fair? Does that seem like equality you feminist seek so bad? So before you go parade around your “MEN ARE PRIVILAGED!!!!!” Banners. Remember that no, they are not. 

I’ll probably get a big backlash on this from a ton of feminist. It’s cool. I actually asked the person commenting to me about how I didn’t understand feminism to please explain to me (because I am open minded, and the only feminist I’ve ever spoken to are die hard men haters and think girls are the superior then men) I asked her to explain to me the true bases of feminism and she did not reply. So I will keep my views of my personal experience with feminist because it’s all I’ve been ‘taught’ lol.