June 2015 update.

     So I have not had a chance to write about our month went with Bryce! Like usual, it came a went quick.. Bryce had so much fun everyday. There was never a dull moment. Like I posted before he had t-ball this year and he enjoyed it for the most part! We will definitely be enrolling him again next year through LCAA.   We were really bummed on his last game he was able to play (he would be leaving after June was over and unable to finish the season) because it was rained out so we were unable to finish 😢 but next year will be better! His team is currently still playing so after the 16th hopefully we can get him his trophy! 


     At the beginning of the month we took Bryce to the Slaton Air Show where we got to see fast racing planes fly across the sky! It was hot and luckily we came prepared with umbrellas.. But Bryce had fun regardless! He got to see Dusty Crophopper and many other types of planes! 

     Another thing that June brought was Father’s Day. Which to me is a huge deal because since we requested June for Brandon’s visitation, meant he didn’t have to split Father’s Day. So we spent the morning in Seminole with Brandon’s parents and at noon we went to Texas Water Rampage! (sorry no pictures, we were too busy having fun!) Bryce was a bit nervous about the new pirates cove they added for the kids and cries when we went up on the ship. There was water coming from every direction and was a bit too overwhelming for him. So we took him out and to the old kid area where after some consoling he decided to go down the mini slide with momma. After that he was hooked and insisted that we go down the slide a billion more times.  After a while we took him to the wave pool area and swam around while the waves were inactive. I would pretend to be dead and Bryce would play lifeguard and grab me by my toes and drab me to shore where dad was. It was really fun! And when the waves did start back up Dad and I would hold him and jump into them. Bryce thought it was hilarious!


   We had so much fun like always and having Bryce home with us is always great. In the end of the month Bryce had told Dad and I that he wanted to be a police man when he grows up. Because he wants to ride motorcycles like his dad! He also told me one day when he was with me at my work that he wanted to work with me and sell shoes. 😂 I told him that that was a wonderful idea, but to always dream big big things! Bryce is extremely smart, he will do amazing things as he gets older. 

    June was a great month, we made hundreds of memories and we will cherish them always. 
4th of July

     We had Bryce again the following weekend after June and had him on the 4th of July! We had to change things up this year because Brandon’s dad was on call for work so he couldn’t attend the traditional Mackenzie Park Alvarado celebration! That morning we woke up early and met up with Mingo, Crystal, Meghan and the kids and drove to Mackenzie park for the parade. I personally have never witnessed the parade so this was a first for me! Bryce, Austin, Brooklyn, and Hayley had fun running out for candy and momma scored a few coupons in the process! (Woohoo!) we got to take photos and meet a storm trooper and iron man on one of the floats. We just flat out HAD FUN!! After the parade, dad, Bryce and I left and went home to grab some food, Moose the pug, and drinks and headed to Seminole! We met Brandon’s parents at the Gains County Park where Raul had set up a camp site.  We spent the entire day out there, took photos, let moose run around, jumped on the bounce houses, ate tons of food! It was nice. Bryce had his cousins to play with and towhee it came time for the fireworks they were wore out! Bryce was done, he had shut his eyes and covered his ears up from the noise and I ended up holding him and singing to him to block out some of the noise. 







I love my boys💕