T-Ball love! #3

Well last night was Bryces official 1st t-ball game! His team is the Pirates through LCAA and we played against the White Sox. 

     I’ll start from the beginning, we enrolled Bryce back in March and have been excited ever since! We practiced on our own time until official practices started the beginning of June. The first 5 practices have been eventful, learning the bases and practicing hitting the ball is always fun to watch. Im glad that we have the youngest team, because it’s not that serious. It’s just a way for the kids to learn the ropes and have FUN, although most of the time they are sitting in the dirt pickin grass and kicking rocks, haha. 

     Well last night was the first real game, and the White Sox seemed to have quite a few older kids about 5. So it’s safe to say we “lost” but honestly it’s not a loss in our books because Bryce and his new friends all had fun. During the game Brandon and I had to stand on the side lines and remind Bryce to get off the floor and keep his eye on the ball though! What can you expect out of a bunch of 4 year old lol! 

     Bryce even ran a home run (kind of!) when it was his turn to bat he hit the ball and took off running! The older kid caught the ball and got him out before he reached 1st base but that didn’t stop him from RUNNING THE ENTIRE FIELD! He shuffle-ran *despite all our calling out to him to come back* to second and third and as he reached home the coach grabbed him and took him to the dugout. We were all so proud though!  That’s determination! 

     Bryce was happy, you could tell! Nana and TinTin came as well as his mom, step dad, brother, memaw, and cici came to watch him so you could tell he was happy that we were all able to come together and support our little man! 

    His next game is this Thursday, and he will be attending practice tonight at 6:30pm. So hopefully we can work on learning a little bit more with all the kids and maybe take home a win soon!


Dugout hangs! 


Running home!


Caught by the coach lol
 With love,  


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