Baby fever? 

I have wanted to talk about this subject for such a long time now it’s finally aggravated me enough to take time out of my day to type it up. 

     Ever since the dawn of Brandon and I’s relationship there has always been somebody to ask: “So when are yall planning on having a baby?” That was when we were only dating!!! So you can imagine just how worse it’s gotten now that we are married.    In today’s society pregnancy is so overwhelmingly abundant.  Whether married or not. But people automatically think that if you are married you HAVE to pop out a kid in the first year. (Absolutely nothing wrong with that!!!)  

     Look guys, I know I’m married. But can we please stop with the damn questions? No, we are not planning on having a baby right now. And I will even give you a list of reasons why, even though it’s none of your concern but I know you want to ask. 

Reason 1: I am 22. I applaud all men and ladies who choose to have kids right now or even earlier! However it is not for me and I still feel like I’m too young.

Reason 2: I work at the mall. DO NOT GET ME WRONG! I love my job, and I work hard, I make good money to take care of myself and my family. But I have bigger dreams, which would have to be altered if I were to get pregnant and have a baby right now. 

Reason 3: Bryce. We already have a child to take care of, and as were going to court, I don’t feel it’s fair to him or this make believe baby if I’m pregnant. 

Reason 4: court causes stress, why do you want me to be pregnant and stressed out all the time? Huh? No. Not fair or healthy to the make believe baby. 

Reason 5: I want to cherish my first few years of marriage with my husband and my step son. I want to go on trips, see things we’ve never seen before and done things we’ve never done! 

Reason 6: the idea of pregnancy scares me. YUPP. I’m terrified. Hopefully in a few years I’ll be mentally prepared. 
NOW, when I post a status saying I’m craving BBQ (because holy cow BBQ is amazing and we live in Texas) please don’t ask WHY ARE YOU CRAVING IT?? You preggers!?!?  If I’m sick, no it doesn’t automatically mean I have morning sickness! Or if my hands or feet are swollen, maybe it’s because I am on my feet all day? Maybe my hands swell when I’m cold? Weird I know. But it happens. 

When and if I become pregnant I WILL LET YOU ALL KNOW! I will post a huge ass chalkboard, I will take photos, I will post annoying statuss about my baby’s growth, I will tease you all with names we’ve picked out and I will host a gender reveal party with all the corny stuff and have a photoshoot with Brandon Bryce and I pulling a string on a box and have hundreds of little BLUE OR PINK papers that read;  “ITS A BOY/GIRL” “ARE YOU HAPPY YET EVERYBODY!?” “WERE PREGGERS”

Edit 6-4:

I got the implant today in my arm. Nexplanon. This implant is good for 3 years, so I ask that you all not ask me about when I’m planning for a baby. It’s 3 years. Maybe longer. 

So can you all lay off? You’re stressing me out. 

Here is a photo of the hulk because this is how I feel about this subject.  



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