Snow Adventures

So I’ve realized I’ve completely neglected my blog and making new entries. I have had many things to write about but finding the time to do so its near impossible lately. So today I’m going to type up a quick entry about Brandon and I’s first ski/snowboard trip together with my family.

For the past few months leading up to spring break I told Brandon that snowboarding was HARD… And as much as he wanted to he wouldn’t be a Shaun White on the slopes his first few trips on the mountain. But he insisted that I was wrong and was determined. (One of the qualities I love about him!) as the time drew closer to our vacation we both grew so extremely excited, I dreamt of skiing and being on top of the mountain for weeks! I was beyond ready for this very deserved, long overdue mini vacation.
This year it was my dad, brother, his friend Jacob, Brandon, and I. We left late around midnight and got to Taos, New Mexico at around 4:00am. The hotel didn’t let us check in just yet so we ended up sleeping in our car until some restaurants opened and we have breakfast. We wasted no time at all and headed straight to the slopes. Thank goodness I packed mini toothbrushes, mouth wash, contact solution, and of course my makeup (can’t look like a scrub all the time right?) haha. We got out 3 day lift tickets and our gear and headed to our great adventure.
Brandon, Thomas and Jacob went to the bunny slope for a while to show Brandon the ropes to snowboarding while dad and I headed to the top of the mountain.


Dad and I getting ready to shred!

The mountain was empty, only a few other people were there but for the most part we didn’t have to worry about knocking kids over or having to maneuver around slow skiers and snowboarders. It was pure bliss. Dad is the best ski buddy. Ever year we go skiing he is always right by my side! We headed to the middle part of the mountain, typically you have to take a few lifts to get to the very top, skid a few blues and greens to get back in the groove of things and headed to the top. The weather was beyond amazing, it was gloomy and poured down snow a few times! God has blessed us with the perfect first day.

It’s very hard to see, but there is a lift headed up that mountain in the back ground into the cloudy abyss. THAT is the highest peak. Kachina peak. Dad spotted it and knew that was a run we had never done before. We asked a ski instructor how to get over to the lift and he showed us on the map how. He warned us though, “That is a double black diamond, I would only recommend that to professionals.” After we left dad pulled me aside – “We can do it. Let’s do it. Now or never.”
I chose never. Haha!

Later once we got down from the top we found Brandon, ate lunch and relaxed before hitting the slopes again, this time we took Brandon to the top with us. Needless to say he hated us. He still wasn’t master of the board but he made it down the mountain pretty good! After skiing for just about 8 hours we headed to the hotel, lathered on a bucket of Icy Hot and went to eat. That was basically our entire trip.

The second day Brandon went off on his own to practice by himself. (He got insanely better! I was very happy.) this day was a little busier, but not bad. I could tell that my dad really wanted to hit up Kachina Peak, and I would have hated myself if I kept him from doing something he wanted. So after invisioning myself in a wheelchair at work and how hard it was going to be selling shoes with two broken legs I decided that we should go. Dad was mega excited and I was mega about to pee myself on the lift up to the scary abyss. Not going to lie. I almost rode the lift back down. But I put my big girl pants on and sucked it up. I looked down at the almost 90 degree drop with moguls all the way down, and said “Let’s do it.”
I said a small prayer for my dad and I that we make it down safely and he listened! No broken bones or concussions. Although I stumbled a few times I didn’t WIPE OUT! 😁


I can officially say I slayed the double black diamond. Thanks dad for encouraging me!


Later that day we met up with Brandon and hit the slopes a few more time before heading home. I was more than proud of myself and told everybody I had conquered the mountain!

On our last day dad and I forced Brandon to the top again and went down quite a few times, he had gotten snowboarding down to the basics and enjoyed himself. Even though he had a few bumps and bruises to show for it! He even told me “you were right, it’s not as easy as I thought.” Sweet, sweet, sweet victory haha.
On our free time off the mountain we of course did tourist things and searched the stores for little trinkets Bryce would enjoy when we got home. We ate A LOT, had ice-cream and whatnot. It was just a wonderful vacation away. Hopefully next time Bryce will be able to come with us, and we will get him on a snowboard just like dad! He already tells us how he wants to be just like him, and wears Brandon’s snowboard goggles around the house!

Well until next time,
Bye everybody! 😊