Birthday Boy and the Barber.

As many of you know this past weekend was Bryce’s birthday! He turned 4 on January 30th which fell on a Friday that was our weekend visitation. Pretty exciting! We had gone to Seminole Thursday night for our weekly overnight visit, baked cupcakes for his daycare class, and watched movies all night. The following morning we woke up and wished out little man a happy birthday and took him to daycare and came back to Lubbock to work.
I’ve been stressing about his birthday party, asking myself ‘Do I have enough goodie bags?’ ‘How many kids and adults are coming?’ ‘when will I have time to make his cake?’ And ‘what if the reservation magically disappeared and his birthday party is ruined!?’ I was worried that his Big 4 party would shatter and crumble right before my eyes. Brandon was obviously much more laid back, encouraging me that it would be perfect no matter what. It’s easy to relax when you’re not an extreme perfectionist! 😝 Days before his party I did a test run on Bryce’s cake because I was working with homemade fondant. It turned out very well!

I decided last minute that I was not going to do the fondant cake, it was too difficult and time consuming; and let’s face it… I didn’t want to put all the time and effort to recreating the exact cake AGAIN the day of. I’d rather not stress! Can’t be a Pinterest mom ALL THE TIME..
Friday when Bryce came home to us in Lubbock, Bryce, Nana, Pa, his cousin Geovanni and Delilah, Uncle Ray, Mimi, Pawpaw, dad and I all went out to The Main Event for bowling. The kids had a blast, we all did! Bryce thought he was hilarious and anytime dad or I went to take a bite of our nachos he would grab a ball and throw it down the lane during our turns! We had so much fun, I am so thankful for our families, we are surrounded by love and support always.
Saturday was Bryce’s party, and it rained all day! I ran errands that morning, getting supplies and balloons and made the cake. All while dad and Nana played with the boys who were fighting (not literally) about who’s turn it was to play Minecraft. Uncle ray brought by Chibbs his dog for the boys to play with and Nana and Dad went to go buy stuff for Brandon’s Barber exam Monday. It was a nice morning but boy was I exhausted, haha! We ate lunch, Pa came to our house and we just relaxed till Bryces party.
His party was a blast, all his cousins and friends came.. They played games and ate lots of cake and pizza! I sat back and finally relaxed. Party host could take over now my job was done. The fun seemed to fly by and soon it was over. We got home, opened some gifts and watched The Book of Life for another million times.
Brandon that night was sorting all of his stuff for his exam on Monday. I helped him label. He had finished his barber course a few months ago and after passing his written exam it was time to take his practical. Him and his friend Bnav traveled to Dallas Sunday morning to prepare for it on Monday. He was so nervous, and despite how much I tried encouraging him (He had it in the bag, he’s a wonderful barber!) he worried himself sick! He left early Sunday morning so I spend the day with Bryce until he had to go back to his Memaws.
Monday I texted Brandon most of the day and waited by the phone impatiently to hear of his results. And at 4:40 he called.
“Hey! How did you do!?”
“I didn’t pass.”
“Shut the heck up, yes you did.”
“Haha yes I did!”
We talked about how exciting this was for us, how proud I was of him. He told me it was because of Bryce and I that he was so motivated. I had no doubts he would pass, like I said before, he’s amazing.
My husband is an official Barber! 💕 I can’t wait to see I’m in action! Barberados isn’t just a dream anymore. Can’t wait to see what the rest of this year has to offer us!