2014, you’ve been good to us.


Like many people today posting on Facebook right now, they are sharing their amazing year they have had. Many people got married, some pregnant, some had good years and some had bad. I guess that’s why I like the new year, it brings an end to it all, and you are able to start fresh (mentally fresh at least.)
I decided to share some of mine and my families highlighted moments, good and bad.

At the beginning of the year I was able to see my grandpa for the last time, able to say goodbye.. Come February he passed away and I had to lay to rest my first and most precious grandparent. Death is difficult, I’ve finally realized.. And the grieving period still hasn’t passed. But I know that he is happier with God. He sure was a God fearing man.. January also brought Bryces 3rd birthday! We celebrated at Gattiland with friends and family. Also, Bryce said ” I love you mom/dad” to Brandon and I! Not gonna lie, I cried.
March, I turned 21! Yippee! And to top it off the day after my birthday my lovely boyfriend Brandon and his son Bryce proposed to me! Wedding prep began immediately!
July, Bryce came home for the whole month! This was a huge month for us, filing for custody, and a huge camping trip. It was good and bad. Mostly good because our family can make it through anything, together. Bryce loved camping, and insists that we do it again!
September Brandon and I got married! It was lovely and everything I had hoped for. It rained the entire week of our wedding, so I’m hoping that means a lot of luck for us! 😊
October, Halloween with my little man! He was a teenage mutant ninja turtle! He was very independent in going door to door and getting candy.
November, thanksgiving! We didn’t have Bryce this year, we hardly got to see/hear from him at all. But Brandon and I did a split holiday and spent half the day with his family and half with mine. It was fun, and I was lucky to see my grandma!
December, oooooooohhhhh Christmas Christmas Christmas!! This was our first year married that we would all be together! We decided to host Christmas at our home. Both of our parents came along with my brother. I cooked my first turkey, and so much more and we opened presents all day. We have started a tradition of nerf gun fights!

This has been a great, but stressful year for us. But I wouldn’t change it for anything! We are very excited to see where 2015 takes us, hopefully in a good direction. Brandon will be working in an official barber shop, I will be going back to school, and hopefully be working at a dental office very soon! All we can do is continue to pray and give glory to God. We are so blessed.

Who knows, maybe 2015 will bring a little baby Alvarado?

Nahhhhh lol.