Alvarados First Christmas!

To think that we have been together for three years and this is our first Christmas together. When I say together I mean all three of us! Brandon, Bryce and I.
The first year Brandon and I went our separate ways. He had Bryce that Christmas but we were still new in our relationship, holidays were split. He went to his parents and I went to mine. The second year (last year) we didn’t have Bryce for Christmas, so we celebrated early and he unwrapped his gifts from us, then had to come back for his santa gifts. Brandon and I did Christmas half at my parents and half at his. But this year… I’m so excited.
First of all we are MARRIED!!! So we can officially call us “The Alvarados” and it’s our first Christmas that we will have Bryce on actual Christmas Day and we plan on staying put! Both of our families are coming over to our place, I’ll be cooking to feed everybody, and Bryce will enjoy being around all the people that love him!
We started our Christmas shopping early for Bryce, to insure that we got him everything we wanted to get him. Last month while working at the FFS I was highly stressed. Working two jobs to provide as much as I could for my family had been making me all funky. A boy about my age comes in and long story short he was asking me questions about my life…. I already aggravated told him I was married and had a almost 4 year little boy. (Thinking If he were hitting on me he would leave now!) The guy asked me why I was so tense and aggravated and I told him it’s because I’ve been putting in a lot of hours at my two jobs and I don’t like people I don’t know hitting on me when I have a husband and kid. He insured me he wasn’t hitting on me and asked why I have two jobs. I just told him “I want to give my son the best Christmas ever. And he wants something and his dad and I want to be able to get it.” The guy asked what it was and I told him and left. The next day he comes up to me and hands me a gift card loaded with money, he said “I hope your son has a good christmas.” Is it bad that I handed it back to him at first and told him “I don’t need your money, I can do this on my own. I’m not poor.” He insisted that he was doing this to ‘Pay it forward’ and didn’t expect anything from me and left. That was the last I saw of him, but I’m still in shock. After a friend had check to see if it was legit (and it was according to the mall office) I cried. Sometimes it’s hard in this world to believe that there are still people out there that are kind.
It’s crazy. It really is. But after that we were able to pay our bills with ease and gave me personally a new view on humanity. I always hear stories of how others pay it forward but it’s never happened to me. (Except that one time at Burger King where I let somebody else in front of me at the drive thru and they ended up paying for my small fries… But I think it’s cuz I let them cut.. Lol)

This past weekend was the first time in three weeks we were finally able to see and talk to Bryce. We weren’t allowed to talk to him over thanksgiving which was heartbreaking for us. So when we finally got him on Friday night we wanted to make the most of our weekend, because after he leaves who knows..
Dad and Bryce went to the science spectrum! They got to play with bubbles and see the reptiles, from all the pictures I got looked like they had fun!!! Mimi and Pawpaw brought Bryce a small kid size recliner that he loves! We even made teenage mutant ninja turtles ornaments! And on Sunday we took Bryce to see Santa!! He was so excited and unlike last year couldn’t wait to high five Mr. Clause and smile big for a picture. He asked for more cars and planes (like he doesn’t have enough already, haha.) we had such a good weekend, Bryce is talking more and it’s amazing finally being able to hold short conversations with him. He’s such a big boy, he doesn’t even ask to sleep in our bed anymore, it’s always “I go to bed in MY cool big bed.” And he will tuck himself in with his pillows and his pug beanie baby and put on a movie! 😭 stop growing please!!!!