Bye Miss Cat. :(

So this Sunday was not like any Sunday we have encountered ever. Usually I take this time to write about Bryce and Brandon ad what we did this weekend. However right now there’s a topic I would like to talk about.
Yesterday while outside sitting on the porch watching the boys ride their bike an skateboard, Brandon had waved me down over by the leasing office of our apartment complex. I ran over thinking Bryce and him found something cool, but when I reached them Brandon told me they found a cat that was hurt. It was in the pool area just a few feet from us. The fort thing I noticed was its breathing. You would hear it struggling an gasping for air. Then I noticed its eyes crusted shut, then it’s mouth hanging open and looked infected. This poor baby was skin and bones, badly hurt and in pain. We stood there for a while, Brandon and Bryce a safe distance away. I took photos and posted them online on a pet area site, asking for help. I would love to take this baby home with me but Bryce is extremely allergic to cats and we just wouldn’t be able to afford extreme vet bills. So I asked for help from the community that somebody with a kind heart please come help this baby. I refused to leave its side until I was sure somebody could come help. Many people replied, but nobody came to help.
Within this time Brandon had brought water and we grabbed a towel to wrap the cat up and a box to have it rest in. I had to call a shelter to come pick up the hurt baby. While we waited for the lady to come pick up the cat we stayed by its side.
Now just some personal information, we have these kids (about 7 or so ages ranging from 5-10 Im guessing) that live across from our building. They are always outside, screaming, yelling, throwing things and tearing the complex apart. Parents are nowhere to be found and let them get away with murder. They stampede over to Brandon and I yelling “OH MY GAWD ITS OUR CAT OUR KITTY ITS NOT DEAD! She was hurt we’ve been caring for her for like a week but she’s mean and she ran away from us.” They hovered over the cat who became scared and whimpered. I asked them if they owned the cat because it’s very badly injured. They said no they just found it and it was hurt an within the week of them caring for it she got worse and worse until she just disappeared. (ran away for dear life I’m assuming) All telling me this while theirs two dogs run out of their apartment and they start screaming and grabbing the dogs and jerking them around like rag dolls. I’m furious and tell them to go take their dogs home. This upsets me, for one, when you come across a injured animal like this you need to find an adult. Not just take it. It could have diseases or be rabid! Second, if it’s injured badly it needs to be taken to get medical help. These kids were irresponsible and so are the parents whom WILL be hearing from me very soon!!! I finally told the kids to back off and took Miss Cat to our apartment porch and stayed next to her box until the shelter lady got there.
She showed up just before 5:30, she checked out Miss Cat and informed me that it from what she could determine the cat had severe head trauma, a broken and caved in jaw, underfed (probably because jaw) and from what it looked like was most likely abused. She informed me that they would most likely have to put her down because she was in such pain and her injuries were severe. My heart broke for this cat, but honestly I was relieved. I wouldn’t want her to suffer anymore. She would die eventually from her injuries anyways but slowly and painfully. At least this way it would be quick and painless and she wouldn’t suffer anymore. Bryce Brandon and I said goodbye to Miss Cat, and as we were the kids ran to the lady in the truck and bombarded her with questions of the cat. Which she wouldn’t answer. I told them she was taking the cat to the hospital to hopefully recover. But if they were to come across another injured animal to find an adult as soon as possible.
I’m not sure what happened to this cat, and I dont want to think of those children whom “took care” of it that they would abuse it purposely… But it breaks my heart to no end to think of somebody who is able to hurt a cat on purpose. What kind of human being could do that!!
We did everything we could for Miss Cat, I even got scorned by somebody online for letting a shelter take the cat.


What else was there to be done? What else could we do when nobody came forward. I refused to leave it to die alone and painfully and the only option was to call a shelter. If you want to scorn somebody for calling a shelter as a last resort why didn’t you come get the cat? Why didn’t you contact me to help? Yeah… You didn’t…

Please everybody, if you come across an injured or abused animal please contact somebody for help. Don’t leave it alone to suffer. That animal didn’t ask for any of this.



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