Few steps toward a long road.

I know getting healthy doesn’t just happen overnight. It is a long and sometimes difficult road just getting started. And I am happy to say that I’ve taken steps to start bettering my life! As I stated in my last blog, to me it’s not about getting skinny, it’s about bettering my life and choosing to live a better healthier life then I am now.
I first started with getting my membership back at my old gym Planet Fitness. Which I will be attending hopefully about everyday after I get off work. So far it’s been great! I start off with a 2 mile warm up followed by stretching. Then I go and do weights and work on my legs and move to my arms. I’m not gonna lie but I HATE running. I despise it with a passion. I enjoy weights and free weights! But I can’t just lift, I have to work up my cardio in case a zombie outbreak! 😦

After getting my membership comes food planning. I searched the internet (mostly Pinterest!) for healthy dinners and snacks an planned my grocery list accordingly. With the help of my husband we’ve picked out and tried out a few different entrees to add to our cook book. Cilantro Lime Chicken is one of our favorites! Along with dinner prep I also began snack prep. So I loaded up on many granola bars, oatmeal, yogurt, fruits, veggies, 90 calorie snacks, and more. This will also help with saving some money, instead of going to get an buy food while were at work we can just preamble snack packs and take it with us!

Now I’m not one to believe in “miracle products” or “quick fixes”
But along with working out and eating better I plan to add onto my fitness journey the product “It Works” body wraps. From what I’ve read and heard about from other people who’ve tried it, these are good products meant to tone and firm up skin. This will come in handy around my upper arms and thigh area. So hopefully I will see a difference with working out, eating better, and body wraps combined. And even if I don’t see tone or firm results with the product I did read that is it very good for your skin anyways;
“Filled with essential vitamins for the skin, the applicator ingredients gives the body what it wants and needs to stay healthy. As the largest organ system of the body, it is crucial to properly nourish the skin.
In order to obtain 100 percent benefit of the product and allow the nutrients to work in their entirety, it is recommended not to use the applicator more than every 72 hours.”
So at least my body still gets to benefit. I am not ashamed to say and show that I use products like this, some people are and like to keep it a secret, but if something works and is good for you why hide it??

Lastly, like most humans who need something to look forward too, I set goals. Weight loss goals, muscle building goals, attendance goals, an more. As humans we need motivation, so usually there has to be something during this journey I can look forward to! So anytime I reach a goal, and maintain it I have devised a type of rewards system. After my first goal, if I maintain it I will purchase myself a new pair of running shoes, these new shoes will go towards my next goal of running 3 miles in less than 25 minutes. Then after completing that goal will continue the cycle and so on. My grand prize for myself will be a new hair style (cut and color) to complete my “new healthy me” look and lifestyle!



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