Gym, craft, laundry.

Hard to believe it’s been 3 years since I graduated high-school. During mine and Brandon’s move into our new place I found my old high-school yearbooks and while looking back at all the memories I remember one of my favorites: powerlifting and track. I didn’t do powerlifting a whole lot because it interfered with my track schedule but the time I did do it I remember how tone and fit I was. I weighed 111lbs during powerlifting. And boy was I healthy. I wasn’t exactly ‘skinny’… Which is why I like to use the term healthy more. I hardly had fat, it was all muscle! And after these years of not working out every single day like back then I can see a difference.
That muscle turned into ‘bat wings’ on my arm, a large butt and thighs made up of fat and no longer a fit muscle. And I no longer had the flattest stomach.
Now, I’m not saying I’m FAT. I’m not, and I think I look beautiful! However, my cardio and muscles have taken a negative toll on my not working out phase. And I have decided enough is enough. Normally I would NOT write a blog about my weight and working out and being fit. But I figured if I did I would be motivated a little more. Having strangers read about my journey in working out might make me feel accountable for my actions? Maybe, I don’t know. But I’m gonna do it!
I got my membership back at my gym, and now I don’t have any excuse not to go. Before it was ‘oh I have too much to do for the wedding’ ‘I don’t have time’ ‘I have to pack for the move’ ‘I deserve to watch this episode of teen mom’ haha. Basically I was making up excuses until I knew I had nothing else to to. (Like the wedding, then moving into a new place) NOT ANYMORE!
Along with working out, Brandon and I (Yes babe, YOU TOO!) will be eating healthier. And I hope to share with you all different recipes that I try and enjoy most that are good for a healthy lifestyle.

*me dead at the gym years ago lol (the things you find on your laptop.)


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