Halloween Craft for kids!


So today I want to share with you guys a craft I did last year with my step son Bryce. He absolutely loved this and I plan to do something similar this year. I posted this craft to Pinterest and actually got a few repins so I figured I share with all of you a little halloween craft!
What you will need:
1 Canvas
Black, white, brown, yellow, red, orange paints.
Modge Podge to finish it off.

First what we did was paint the entire canvas black except for one circle you will leave white. After that is dried you will paint the white circle yellow to represent the moon. Let everything dry completely.

Hand print tree.
Second you will paint your child’s hand brown. (Be super careful! This tends to get messy!!) once completely covered place their hands directly in the middle of the canvas. Clean their hand immediately with warm water and soap. Next you will take the brown paint and (you or child) paint the trunk of the tree. Just directly under the hand print. Let dry!

Ghost Feet

Third, paint your child’s feet white, and place them (toes facing down) on the canvas. Clean feet immediately after with warm water and soap! Let dry.

Leaves and ghostly faces
This is what my step son enjoyed the most (besides getting his feet painted!) I took my paint palette and put a little bit of red, orange, and yellow paint in each individual section and let him go crazy! He finger painted all the leaves around his hand print tree. Next you or your child can put three dots for the ghosts faces. Two eyes and a mouth. Clean fingers afterwards with warm water and soap. Allow all to dry.

Parents- after all is dry write with a paint pen or with brushes your child’s name and the year! After all that is dry seal the painting with Modge Podge and once it’s all dry hang up your child’s painting for the world to see!

I hope you enjoyed me little tutorial, if you try this out please post a link of your finished work in the comments below I would love to see them!!!


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