Ninja Zombie Child.

So since being married I have a lot of people asking me “How does it feel to be married?” Or variations of that question. I’ll be totally honest, it feels exactly the same as when we weren’t married, haha. It’s not a bad thing, I think it’s because Brandon and I already pretty much a married couple in the first place. We lived together, did everything together, and had Bryce to take care of we never really thought of ourselves anything but a family. So when I tell people that they tend to laugh, some agree with me, and some just think I’m odd until I explain myself! However there are many times Brandon and I will be sitting down or out and about and one of us says, “Can you believe were seriously married?” We laugh and think about our wedding and kiss each other and go on with what we were doing. Sometimes it is weird to think were actually married! Especially when I’m at home doing nothing (whereas before getting married I was doing wedding prep anytime I had free time.) basically I don’t know where I’m going with this because I doubt you guys wanna ready about my married woman thoughts and probably came to this blog to read about our ninja zombie child!


If you would have seen on or Target wedding registry you would have seen that we registered for a booster seat. Which my mother in law Melissa got for us! So when we picked up Bryce this Friday he was excited to see in place of his old car seat a brand new big boy booster seat! Complete with cup holders and an across the chest safety belt. I’m pretty sure Bryce was just as excited as we were when we put it together. We couldn’t take our eyes off of him and how happy he was. I nearly cried, seeing how big he has gotten these years breaks my heart!
That night we hung out at Melissa’s and Bryce and I played Ninja Zombie Attack. Bryce was of course the ninja, rolling on the ground and jumping off the couch and slicing my throat. I of courses would die, turn into a zombie and try to exact my revenge. Bryce however knew that if he would just kiss me that I would turn back into step momma and he could kill me again. He must have kissed me a thousand times! Goodness it’s exhausting being undead.

Saturdays are days I work, and Brandon attends school in the mornings. So Bryce for to spend time with Mimi and PawPaw. He got to see the tractors in town and got to stand on one! When he came home he told us all about the fun he had. After going to dinner with Brandon’s and I’s parents to Yamagata’s we took Bryce to the Halloween Spirit Store and let him pick out his costume. I’m not giving away any details but I’m going to have to special order some green tights for Brandon and I to match him! 💚 haha!

After coming home I began to put up laundry, I had a pile of empty hangers on the couch and Bryce came up and grabbed a handful. He began laying one by one down and slowly counted “One…two…three…four…FIVE!” Both Brandon and I’s mouths dropped. We’ve worked on numbers before but he’s never just done it on his own like that. We are very proud of him as always!
Last night was the first time I’ve actually been able to hold a long conversation with Bryce. I told him that on Sunday I had to work and wouldn’t be able to see him, his response:
B-“mom, go to work? Why not stay home with me and dada?”
Me-” I just have to go sweetie, I have to work so I can take care of you and dad!”
B-“So mom can’t stay home? Just dad?”
Me-“yes sweetie, you get to play with dad all day!”
B-“Hmm okay mom, I play with dada, you go to work.”
Me-“you want me to stay home?”
B-“yes mom, but can’t, you go work.”

I can’t handle the cuteness, he then told me he is sad that I had to work but I promised him that I would take him to do something next weekend we had him that was just him and I.

Well that was the events of this weekend, were super excited for these next few months with Bryce! Keep checking back within the next few weeks and see what were up too! I’ll also be posting a wreath tutorial very soon!



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