Rainy Day Wedding


First off I want to thank everybody who came out on Saturday to celebrate our marriage and endured the drizzle during the ceremony! That obviously was not how we expected and envisioned our big day. I expected a hot sunny day, worrying about how much I was gonna burn up in that dress. But God blessed us with a beautiful overcast day.
Everybody told me: “Rain on your wedding day Is good luck, that means angels are crying over you with happiness!” I’ll be honest, it didn’t feel like angels crying, it felt more like angels pissing on my big day. Haha. The venues owners told me that we would have to go with plan B, move the ceremony onto the covered patio and do it Hollywood style. I however had my heart set on my outdoors ceremony under the porch gazebo looking thing and walking out of the big doors down that aisle outside. So after much back and forth (an NOT becoming a bridezilla….*maybe a cryzilla) I stuck to my guns and told them rain or shine, I’m walking down that aisle. So I informed everybody I knew was coming to bring an umbrella.
The hours leading up to the ceremony seemed to fly, we checked out of the hotel, ran to the mall to get candy for the kids, I got ready early, had my makeup done by my sister in law, had a few glasses of wine to calm my nerves, and just hung out with my bridal party and favorite hair dresser Jolie. I didn’t begin to freak out until I was told Brandon was in the building and I now had to stay inside my bridal suite. Everything from there was a blur, I do remember my dad showing up with a ton of umbrellas for the ceremony though!

Around 6:20pm everybody started to line up, I could hear the music and hoped to God that it was the ‘correct version’ I had asked for. Dad who was the only one with me kept telling me “you’ll be okay” when I started to have a hard time breathing. Before I knew it I was standing behind the big fence doors, dad holding an umbrella, trying not to cry. I could see Brandon between the cracks of the fence posts, and I couldn’t help the water works.
Once the gates opened my eyes were already filled with tears I barely caught the ‘first look’ and I was worried about my dress catching on the concrete and how heavy it felt now soaking with water. But when my eyes semi cleared as I saw Brandon’s face nothing else seemed to matter.

I don’t remember much about the ceremony, i remember seeing my friends Calley and Kenzie, Yadira, my family from San Antonio. I remember our vows, mainly because I cried like a baby. But I remember holding Brandon’s hands the entire time, him looking at me and making me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. I remember everybody telling me we had the coolest wedding ever because we embraced the rain which apparently isn’t common.
It’s still crazy to think were married, every morning Brandon has woken me up or greeting me “Good morning wife” “Hey Mrs. Alvarado” which makes me smile so big my cheeks are starting to hurt! It’s also weird to think what I’m going to do with all my spare time now, this wedding took up a lot of energy and time I’m freaking out about what I’m going to do with myself haha. I need a hobby.
Many people told me that things would go wrong the day of the wedding, music would mess up, weather would act up, cake wouldn’t be perfect, the flowers, decorations, people would aggravate us, anything that could go wrong would- and that it wouldn’t matter. Because at the end of the day it was all about Brandon and I being one. It was 100% true, I don’t remember the flaws (if there were any!) all I remember was I had an amazing time and I’m married to my best friend and have an amazing official step son! That Is all that matters.

So again, thank you very body who came out and embraced the rain with us. You made our day special ❤️

Much love, Suzanne Alvarado





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