25 more days to go???!!

Can I honestly say I’m freaking out right now??? Hahah, I didn’t realize just how quick this wedding is coming up until I actually sat down and wrote out a list of things we still have to get done before. Let’s just say it A LOT! However I can finally start checking off registrations. I finally got down to it yesterday with my maid of honor Megan. We’ve just been so busy so I apologize to everybody who’s been asking us “Where are y’all registered at?” Well I finally got ONE store down! The good ol Target!
It was so much fun, getting the scanning gun and walking up and down aisles asking myself “What does my family need?” “What do I need in the kitchen/bathroom/living room” (Mostly ‘I’ things because I’m the one taking care of my boys and the house, lol.) I tried to be reasonable, I don’t expect anybody to get us a Tv stand worth $200.00. But it’s nice to dream, right? 😜
We’ve done so much for the wedding lately, invitations sent (and getting RSVPs) ordered our gifts for the guests, getting my dress altered again and fitted, got all of the bridesmaids dresses confirmed, got my moms dress, flowers ordered, registries, and so much more. It’s a lot to wrap my head around.

Well this is going to be a short blog, because I still have a thousand other things to do! 🙂



Camping trip.

As most of you know we took a week long camping trip during the month of July! It was really an adventure. This was the first time in years I have been camping in a tent, and the very first time for Brandon and Bryce! Not going lie, I was worried Bryce would get tired of it very fast and want to “go to my big home” (his way of saying our apartment) but he did fantastic!
This trip was filled to the brim with fun activities and family. We traveled to surrounding towns and relaxed, went fishing, rafting, and so much more.
Bryce thought it was the coolest thing when we put the tents up and often referred to it as “my green home”. Him and my nephew played everyday with my dad (pawpaw) who had brought nerf guns and an unlimited supply of nerf bullets. Bryce wanted to be with Jaxon and PawPaw all week! Guess Dad and Step momma were crampin his style, haha.
We traveled to Silverton the first day, shopped around and ended up at the train station where the train was just then making an entrance. Bryce thought this was the coolest!!! Until the conductor started blaring the horn and made Bryce cover his ears. But he still enjoyed seeng all the smoke and the conductor and all the people getting off and on.
While in Silverton we went to the museum there that use to be an actual jail house, Jaxon, Bryce, Uncle Ray (Thomas), and Aunt Gen (Megan) and us had plenty of fun running through the cells taking hundreds of photos. Usually this is how we spent our days, then go back to our camp site to relax.
We visited Ouray, had lunch and shopped around like usual. Durango was the coolest town we saw in my opinion. It was small and beautiful and quite a lot to do. Brandon and I roamed the town for a couple of hours and we even had dinner at a pizza place where they served us a pizza that was 36″!!! Holy cow was that a big pizza!!!
One of those days we relaxed just at camp after getting our fishing licenses. We grabbed our fishing rods and headed for the lake. We had bought Bryce a small iron man light up fishing rod so he could join. But he wanted to keep watch of everybody and make sure they were all doing okay and cheered us on! So I ended up using the rod, and caught the first two fish in 20 minutes!! I was very proud of myself, and from that point on I had Bryce by my side saying “Go Mom Go! More Fish!” We all had a blast, even uncle Ray who kept breaking his line.
One of our last trips was to Mesa Verde, to the old Indian cliff dwellings. It was so hot! But we made the best out of it and got to see the ruins. During lunch time we even ha a small visitor, Jerome, the squirrel. Who begged for food and allowed us to pet him in exchange for a chip. Obviously he had done this before because this little guy was fat! We decided to cut the trip short because it was just too exhausting climbing up and down the mountains.
At night we cooked dinner and made s’mores or banana boats, played and talked and took our showers. When everybody went to their tents, Brandon Bryce and I stayed beside the campfire that Brandon worked so hard to keep going. (It rained a lot while we were there and sometimes would just hit out of nowhere!) it was chilly at night so Brandon and I along with Bryce sitting in my lap would cuddle under a blanket. Bryce would take my phone and bring it to me and ask me “Momma sing please.” And I would sing to him till he fell asleep. My heart melted every time, because he wouldn’t allow anybody to sing to him but me. I love my boys so much.
Brandon and I had fun, but were ready to leave when the time came. We packed up our tents despite Bryce’s requests to keep and live in his “green home”. He was ready to go home too eventually, and we said bye to our camp site.
This was Brandon, Bryce, and I’s first real vacation together. Since we only get him on the weekends and both of us have jobs we are not able to go travel anywhere really because time is so short. So when we have a lot of time together we try to make the most of it! It was even better that we got to spend this time with my family and my nephew Jaxon as well! I’m hoping we can do another vacation sometime soon!