The beginning of the rest of our lives.

This weekend really was one to remember. So much has happened! So I will jump right in to it and I’ll start from the beginning like always.
This was a Bryce weekend! Something fun ALWAYS happens when we have our little man home. Friday he came home a little late but we still managed to make it to dinner with Nana and Kristen. Bryce was happy to finally be home, he holds onto his dad so tight when he sees him! That night we gave Bryce a much needed haircut, his hair was super long which can sometimes be a problem considering he sweats A LOT for a toddler. Friday came and went quick, and Saturday morning I had to go to work like usual. Brandon had school for a couple of hours so my mom (Bryce’s Mimi) came to watch him. Oh man does Bryce love his Mimi haha. All he does is talk about Mimi when we get home, and anytime I get a phone call he immediately asks if it’s Mimi and if he can talk to her! It’s super cute. When I got home from work Dad was already home and taking a nap with Bryce. We planned to take Bryce to the park to ride his bike, he always has a blast! However it started getting chilly so we left a little early to go to the store. Bryce gets a kick out of the little kid carts and loves being a little helper with the groceries.

As I prepared dinner that night we all sat down at the table. I looked at Bryce across from me and suggest we say “Thanks”. I told him to put his hands together, close his eyes and bow his head – he did, and I told him “Say ‘thank you Lord for our food.'” In a hushed tone Bryce whispered “Thank you momma, eats.” Haha, well at least he appreciates my hard work! However we think it’s time that Bryce start learning the importance of God and how he blesses each and every one of us. So we will continue to work on prayer with little one. That night we watched The Little Mermaid, one of Bryce’s favorites. Usually he hates my dance moves and always tells me to stop but that night he asked me to dance with him as ‘Under the Sea started playing. Dad watched us from the couch and laughed at our very crazy dance moves and turns. After the movie Bryce asked us to be read to, and after a few books of his choice we crawled in bed and all snuggled up together.

The Proposal
Sunday we woke up early, I made the boys breakfast, pancakes, waffles, eggs, grapes, milk and orange juice. We attempted prayer again and got the same response, “Thank you momma, eats!” Haha. We got dressed in our nice clothes, something we always do Sundays and went to the mall for a little bit. After coming home and eating lunch Brandon started being all weird. He told me we were gonna go driving around in the car, but had to blindfold me. Alright- Brandon’s not the greatest with secrets or surprises so I kinda had an idea of what’s happening. But I was totally fine with doing whatever he asked! We drove for forever it felt like, he stopped the car and got out telling me to stay put. I asked Bryce “Where are we Bryce??” He got flustered and said “ugh I dunno mom!” and eventually Brandon took Bryce out with him.
Moments later Brandon came to my door a with me still blindfolded told me to walk with him. What was weird was we were outside and I could hear was the sound of bagpipes! What on earth was I stepping into!? Brandon and I walked for forever and I kept stubbing my toes on bricks but eventually made it to whatever destination we were at. He took off my blindfold, there was Bryce, holding a box, an Brandon with a huge smile on his face. “Suzanne, will you be my wife?” My eyes starting tearing up, but I didn’t let then fall because TR, Brandon’s friend was right next to us snapping photos. Of course I said yes! Bryce took the ring from the box with Brandon’s help and put it upside down on my middle finger, Brandon had to help him out a little to correct it, but it was perfect. I get to marry my best friend and I get to be an official step mom to Bryce.
I’m so extremely happy! Brandon and I of course were planning on getting married which a lot I people know, but to have it officially official puts things in perspective. It’s totally happening! My Pinterest board isn’t just a dream, it’s reality. Planning begins now. Eeek!!!

Back to reality- since it’s Sunday we had to prepared to take Bryce back to Seminole. We packed up and headed that way around 4. When we pulled up to Nanas house around 5:30 she walked out shocked. Apparently Memaw (Bryce’s other grandma) was going to pick Bryce up in Lubbock from our house so we didn’t need to make a trip to Seminole. However Bryce’s mom didn’t inform Bryce’s father of any change in the court ordered drop offs. The papers say we are to take him home to her place of residence at 6pm sharp. Which we were doing.. —- I won’t go into any more detail because lord knows my blog is being VERY CLOSELY MONITORED… But
Talk. About. Stressful.
He got home at his regular time that’s all that is important. But funny how a little bit of communication could have saved everybody a bit of trouble. It makes me realize just how important communication is in a situation like ours. We have an open line of communication, however it is very rarely used, we (mainly Brandon) always are more than willing to talk and have a healthy relationship with other members of Bryce’s family. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a good relationship with the other parent for the well being of the child. Even though that might not be our reality I know my Brandon does the best he can and that is all that matters.

Thank god we get him back this weekend.




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