Spring Break with Bryce.

Spring break came extremely fast this year, and as my previous blog I posted you can see it was quite successful. We successfully potty trained Brandon’s son Bryce! Boy, we all proud of his accomplishment!
This week I decided to take Bryce to Wednesday Night church in Abernathy with my parents. When we got there he was very happy to be around other kids, he even had a little girl Addie who followed him everywhere because she wanted to take care of him! Bryce was very independent, he didn’t want me to be with him while he hung out with all of his new friends. Can I just say how worried I was? Yes I know that he is safe in the church and there are so many people watching them… But I’m so new to all of this! I wanted to be with him every step of the way to make sure he was ok and had enough juice and didn’t have to potty. Brandon and I are always with Bryce. So to have him tell me “No, momma” and go run down the hall to the kids was bitter sweet. He is growing up so fast! Even while we ate dinner at the church he took his plate and took it to the kids table and left me with all the other parents.
It was nice seeing him play and have so much fun. When we got dismissed to attend classes I walked him the his class and asked him if he was going to be okay. He assured me with his sassy attitude “sigh… Yeah momma..” And I left to attend the adult class. However not even 10 minutes later the teacher of the class pulled me out to tell me Bryce was calling for me. Happily I joined the class in their activities, yeah, Bryce is independent, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want his step momma every once in a while! 🙂 victory for me!

For the weekend we did have to move some stuff around, at the beginning of the year we had checked the school website that have a rough draft estimate of the spring break vacation in March. We took that and planned a big trip to San Antonio to see my family and take Bryce to Sea World as a surprise. However the school district apparently changed the date of spring break shortly after we checked and we ended up having to cut the trip short, but we still planned on going until Brandon’s work decided to make him work one one of the days we were suppose to be traveling home. So sadly we had to cancel the trip. Which in reality was a blessing in disguise!
The last Saturday of our time with Bryce we decided to take him to the zoo I’m amarillo about an hour and a half away. Bryce was excited for our day trip to another town! When we arrived at the zoo Bryce could hardly contain his excitement, the monkeys, lions, longhorn, tigers, and many other animals had him in smiles the entire time. After a few hours at the zoo we decided to check out the mall there and went to dinner.
During dinner I had taken Bryce to the bathroom to pee and was so happy when he did! He had finally had used the potty in public! Dad and I can’t express how proud we are.








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