How to potty train your toddler in 1 day.


Wow has this been a journey for Brandon, Bryce and I. Today I’m writing about how Brandon and I successfully potty trained our toddler in one day, while giving you tips that will hopefully help you out when you decide it’s time to potty train your little ones!
Let me start off by saying, THIS IS NOT MY ORIGINAL IDEA! Like most clueless moms/stepmoms, I found the help of other ladies from good ol Pinterest. I must have read 100+ articles on “How to potty train your toddler in a week!” “How to potty train in three days!” “ONE DAY POTTY TRAINING” you name it. What I’m going to share with you is the way Brandon as I decided to do it, and how it WORKED!
Every child is different, and as I’m sure you’ve heard – “Boys are so much harder to potty train.” Which in our scenario was not the case. HOWEVER, I’ve been told by many moms that it is true.
First thing first, your child must be ready themselves. You can’t just decide one day “I’m sick of changing diapers. You’re getting potty trained now!” Your toddler should be showing some interest in the potty, they should be uncomfortable in a wet/dirty diaper. Once they begin to understand when it’s time to ‘go’ is when you should begin your research.
Bryce has been ready, he sees his dad go to the potty and says “Dad, pee!” And puts his hands over himself. He usually just went right then and peed his diaper. So we decided now that we have him the entire spring break that potty training was our main goal! So now, here we go….


What you will need:

•A entire day free of any activities. (YOU MUST DEVOTE THIS ENTIRE DAY TO THE CHILD!)
•Underwear, lots of it.
•Pull -Ups for emergency.
•Books to read while on the toilet. Ex. A Potty For Me
•Juice and other fluids.
•Fruit to snack on. Ex. Watermelon, apples, grapes, oranges, pineapples.
•Child’s favorite stuffed animal or action figure.
•Blankets & towels.
• Toy box filled with all toys. (No video games or iPad or iPhone.)
•Toilet donut OR small toddler toilet.
• Potty chart with stickers.
• Treat jar (Optional if you do the sticker chart. Whatever motivates your child more!)
•a positive attitude!

We started early that morning. Brandon was home the first shift while I was at work. We chose to start cold turkey. Meaning we tossed ALL diapers out and put him in underwear. Brandon explained to Bryce that when he had to pee or poop to let us know and we could take him to the potty. This is where their favorite stuffed animal/action figure comes in. This gives the child a visual on how to use their new potty.
“Uhh ohh- Iron Man has to pee! Iron man is a big boy and he uses the big boy potty!” Now you place Iron Man (or whatever) on the donut and allow the child to see. This will motivate them in some cases, Bryce saw his favorite hero using the potty which made him want to use his more.
What we found best was to take Bryce to the potty every 15-20 minutes. Yeah, you read that right. EVERY 15-20 minutes. We constantly asked him despite what he was doing “Do you have to potty?” Even if the answer is no, when that 15-20 minutes is up you need to take them to the potty. Sit the child down and have them sit for at least 10 minutes. During this period of time you should be reading to them. Always listen. If you hear even a slight trickle of pee you should always congratulate them. We chose at first the treat jar, small pieces of candy, but soon found out the potty chart & stickers was more rewarding for him. This motivated our toddler to want to go to the potty constantly. We encouraged and hugged and high fived every time he peed. Never down play a potty experience. If it’s a long pee, short pee, tiny trickle, small deer pellet poop, or a massive nuclear poop (haha sorry for the detail) you should ALWAYS celebrate and congratulate it. Let the child know how proud you are of them!
When not on the toilet, we gave Bryce nothing but fluids and fruits. This was to help him realize the sensation of having to ‘go’. We played with toys and always watched for signs that he have to pee and poop. Example: him hiding, him crossing legs, him touching his privates or butt. We did not allow any video games or iPad access to games. This distracts the toddler way to much from the goal. We did however allow movies. But paused every 15-20 minutes for bathroom breaks.
Accidents WILL happen! When they do, NEVER scorn them. This is why we had many towels on the ground where he sat. Help them change from the dirty underwear to a clean pair, an explain to them that it is OK! Everybody has accidents and it is alright. Still always encourage them to go to the potty.
I do not encourage Pull-Ups at all. The only reason we have pull-ups in the house is for emergencies. Such as emergency runs to the store for more juice. But always explain that If they need to potty to let you know. And the moment you get home you put them back in underwear. Also, we put our little one in a pull up at night but always explained that if he had to go that he needed to tell us. He has yet to pee in a pull up.
With this method you HAVE to be on top of your game, don’t leave them alone, always be doing hands on activities with them- reading, playing with toys. Don’t do your dishes, don’t cook a huge lunch or dinner, don’t leave your child in a room alone. I mean it when I say you must dedicate this entire day to your child. At times it will get frustrating, you will want to crawl in bed as throw your hands up In defeat and slap a diaper back on the kid. Don’t! You’re child WILL get it! After all you’ve never seen a kid go to college in a diaper right? It takes patience and a good attitude and lots of encouragement. As well as a village, everybody must be willing to go on with potty training, that includes both mom and dad, any step parents, grandmas and grandpas, babysitters, brothers and sister. Everybody! & you must always be consistent.

I hope that my small tips help you out in your journey of potty training and if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below. I wrote this in a hurry so it may be sloppy! 🙂