Merry and Bright.

Okay, so Christmas has never been my absolute favorite holiday as an adult. There comes a point in your life that your parents don’t get you toys, or clothes, or anything really because you’re beginning to grow up. You go from getting a room full of gifts from your parents and Santa to getting maybe one thing you might need. Christmas begins to take on a whole different meaning as you get older – being with family. And boy do I love being with my family.
Well this year is very different for any Christmas I’ve had. & I couldn’t be more excited! This year is the first year that I will be spending with a new family I’ve created. Sure- last year Brandon and I were together, but we decided to go separate ways for Christmas to be with our parents. However this year we are going to pull a double Christmas so we can spend it with both of our families! We will spend Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas Day with his. Sadly we won’t have Bryce this Christmas, he will be with his Momma and new baby brother! We will get him the next day at 6 (I believe) till school resumes in January! So our Christmas will be a little late, but still just as fun!
This year I’ve really stepped up my game, I’ve been actually taking time wrapping gifts and making them beautiful and presentable! I’m really into the solid brown wrapping paper and adding pizzazz with a big bow on top! I must say I am one proud step mama!


This year now that Bryce is older we have been doing a lot of stuff for Christmas. He helped me put up the tree our last visit on Thanksgiving. And tomorrow we will be decorating our stockings! To me this is a tradition in my own family, when I was little my mom let us decorate our stockings with a certain theme (my sister was a reindeer, brother was a snowman, and I was a Christmas tree) we had these for as long as I can remember! Even when the pieces were falling off, we hung then up. This is what I want Bryce to remember when he gets bigger. Traditions. This year Bryce will decorate his stocking with a gingerbread man, Brandon will have a snowman, and I will stick with my Christmas Tree. And every year we will hang these up:)

I’m way excited- words can’t express how excited I am about this Christmas! We will be a family for the first time all together on this holiday. Brandon, Bryce and I! We even get him the entire day for New Years, I know the little guy is excited for that. He loves fireworks!

I can’t wait to be with my two guys when that clock strikes midnight. Because the moment 2014 starts is when our real time as a family begins, because that’s our year💍💛❤️




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