Update on our family!

I have to start off with this blog to say how thankful and appreciative Brandon and I are for my mom and my friend Megan for helping us out when we are at work by watching our little monster. But boy has it been a roller coaster the past few days! From sickness to tantrums and everything in between..But on the bright side Bryce hasn’t had a single night terror in a little over a week!
I guess when one person gets sick in a family, everyone else does too. I got it first, then Bryce started to feel icky, and now Brandon. Bryce has been throwing up, coughing, and nose is a little runny, and we plan to take him to the doctor tonight. He is a trooper though and still loves to run around like a maniac!:)
Tantrums run rampant with this little guy but are slowly getting better. He is not one to share I’ll say that! We hate timeouts, but they are necessary some days and are very effective. Once time outs are over Bryce gives everybody a hug and a kiss as his way of saying sorry for hitting, tantrums, and doing things he is not allowed to.
His vocabulary is growing little by little, we are working very hard on making short sentences such as
“Dad no”
“Yes please”
“No thank you”
“Mom please”
“Dad please”
“Mine please”
He likes to keep things short and simple so sentences aren’t going as well as we hopes. He did learn a new word last night- “gun” he said it clear as day! Progress progress progress! Just have to continue to work with him every single day and read to him too.
We do our best to take Bryce out to the indoor parks and keep him entertained with crafts and educational games. He loves his Aunt Moo (Megan) and Mimi (my mom) who loves to spoil him rotten!

On to Brandon!
He’s been working EXTREMELY hard with school and work and I couldn’t be more proud of him! He starts early in the morning and gets out late from work. It’s difficult not having him all to myself like I use too, but I know it’s only temporary! This time next year he will be a barber full time and we will have already started our life together! (It is not a big secret anymore that Brandon and I are considering getting married) were hoping everything for according to plan. I seriously can’t wait to be his wife.:)

Update on me?
Eh, nothing really interesting. Still working and trying to keep everybody together while slowly losing my own sanity;) just kidding.





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