A celebration of life.

I’m not sure if this is even possible, but I swear I spoke to my great grandma in my dreams last night. She passed away a few months ago, and because of work I was unable to go to say my final goodbyes and even go to her funeral. I prayed to her, I asked her to forgive me and that I was sorry I couldn’t make it. & I believe last night she finally have me a response..
Am I crazy to believe that dreams could be the gateway to an afterlife? We just don’t know it because of course we think they are just dreams. Or just a way for ones who have passed to contact us? I’ve only read articles of people who experience similar things when faced with life threatening stuff, like the man who died in a hospital an was received minutes later, only to wake up talking about how his deceased wife spoke to him and he saw heaven and all that jazz? I don’t know and I hope you don’t think that I am crazy as you read this.

In this dream last night I was in the car with my family, we were in some place I didn’t recognize. There was a single house, it resembled my great grandmothers. The only difference was that it was fixed up, huge, the grass was trimmed and lawn was flawless but filled with her lawn decorations I remember so well. In my dream I remember my dad, mom, brother and sister get out of the car and hurried to the house, where from what it looked like was a big party going on. I recognized my aunts and uncles and grandparents and loves ones all standing and laughing- so full of life.
I walked in and I was met with my great grandma, dressed in all leopard print from head to toe. She was younger and so beautiful sitting there in her chair. She reached out to me and kisses my cheek and held me very tight and I cried. She didn’t say much to me, but I felt she was telling me something with every kiss. She hugged me and placed her hands on my face and I just looked at her. I told her I was sorry. I think she understood.
Nobody else in my dream paid attention to me but her, and I woke up with my eyes on fire from the tears. I don’t know if what I just experienced was real Or just a dream filled with what I want to believe. But whatever it was it felt real to me.

And if there is a heaven, an afterlife, anything after death or whatever you want to call it. I sure hope it’s like the one I saw. Filled with loves ones, celebrating life all together.




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