Halloween’s Adventure

Is it just me or did October fly by extremely too fast? It’s hard to believe! Especially when you’re preparing for a new chapter in life to begin within this time next year! October truly is my favorite month. To me October is really a month of change- the weather is changing, the leaves are changing color, and as of right now the changing of relationships and friendship. My life is changing before my eyes and I’m beyond okay with it!

Now enough about my sappy little thoughts.

Tuesday we actually got Bryce! His momma sent him to stay with us for a few extra days and we were very excited! He of course is always a little angel, though he did have a few temper tantrums that required a few 5 minute time outs.. (Heart breaking) other than that we all had a wonderful time. Bryce though has had problems sleeping, every night he seems to wake up screaming and crying, sleepwalking, or thrashing around. A few nights he just screamed an we put him in bed with us, that usually calms him down. But one night he actually started hitting and punching me in the face. All I could do was hold his little arms and talk softly to him till he stopped, and the entire time his eyes were shut and asleep.

Night terrors- Brandon apparently had them when he was younger too and I believe with the stress of being a toddler has cause Bryce to have these at night. It’s kind of scary believe it or not! But with all of his family working together I’m sure these won’t last long.

Halloween we got Bryce all day, he of course was so excited to take a trip to Seminole for trick or treating. He was Iron Man- his favorite super hero! He was even more excited when his Memaw came over with his brother. Bryce is a perfect big brother smothering his little brother with kisses! It was precious! Well, after trick or treating and getting a ton of candy we visited his aunt Kristen and his mom both at work. It was a great night for all of us!






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