Pumpkin Patch.

We had Bryce again this weekend, and it went by too fast like always. Wish we got more time, maybe even 50/50. Brandon loves son so much it always breaks my heart when I see him after we give Bryce back. It seems so unfair that a father as involved as Brandon is ordered that he can only see HIS SON every other weekend when he would love to see him everyday or just talk to him..
We got him Friday and as usual we all went to eat at Cici’s with Brandon’s family. We played a bunch of the arcade games and came home. Melissa and I went to Walmart and got some groceries and bought Bryce the movie Wreck it Ralph.
Saturday Bryce and I woke up early and I cooked him some eggs and got ready for work. Brandon had already left for his barber school stuff. This is the first time we had to find Bryce a babysitter, luckily my brother and his girlfriend (my friend) Megan came to the house and watched him till 2. When I got ready to leave my heart broke when Bryce started hysterically crying for me not to go. This is the first time since we had him in July he cried for his step mama. 😦 but once he calmed down and I left he sure did have a lot of fun with his aunt and uncle! Once I was off work, Brandon and Bryce swung by to get me and we went to Hobby Lobby and got a few things, a canvas and Bryce found an awesome vintage photo of Iron Man- his favorite super hero!
After HL we went to Double Dave and ate some pizza and decided to head to the Maize. We bundled up tight and rode the hayride to pumpkin hollow where there were 100+ carved pumpkins lit up with different faces and characters on them! It was a good day for us. After all that we came home an watched his Wreck it Ralph, the Little Mermaid, as Nightmare Before Christmas. Bryce went to bed a little early and Brandon and I had our movie night. I ended up getting really sick and spending most of the night in the bathroom and asleep. Thank goodness Brandon took such good care of me!
Sunday we ate and took Bryce to the pumpkin patch! He was a little grumpy because we woke him up from his nap in the car… He was excited about those baby pumpkins though!! We also did a cute halloween craft that involved his feet an hand prints. He couldn’t stop giggling when I painted his feet white! Big news! Bryce actually petaled his bike all by himself! He rode forever on his bike and didn’t need our help very much! He sure is gettin bigger by the day!






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