Big boy weekend.

Firstly, I’d like to say our poor Bryce got hurt a few days ago while at daycare… Brandon and I decided to take our day off and go to Seminole and check out where he was being taken care of when he wasn’t with us. The place was cute, and we soon left after saying good bye! But not even an hour later when we were taking our nap Brandon got a phone call saying Bryce had jumped off the slide during playtime and hurt his leg. We rushed to the ER and were there for 3 hours! Bryce was crying for his dad and I sadly had to be in the waiting room since he was only allowed two visitors, his grandma and dad. I finally was able to sneak in and he was already asleep. Turns out he had a sprain and has to wear a splint for a while. But our little man is a trooper!
Friday we got Bryce early! Brandon’s mom brought him over around 5ish. He gets bigger every time I see him I swear! He walked into the house and Brandon told him to go look in the room because we had something for him! Bryce waddled in, got a huge smile on his face when he saw his new big boy bed. “Dada? Mine?” He did a little dance or a celebration I suppose and ran to it and laid his head down on his Cars pillow I had hand made him. He was absolutely excited about his new bed! First we got him out of his trainer cup (at our house at least) and now we got him out of our bed (of course we still love our night cuddles and everything and we will miss them!)! Bryce actually came home knowing a few new words even! Daycare has really made a difference. He knows how to say ‘Mine’ and ‘Thank you’. BIG mile stone if you ask me! We went to eat and spent time with Nana, Pa, Tintin and her fiance and just hung around the house for the rest of the night.
Saturday like always I work open to 5 at my store. But during that time Brandon had taken little one to get his hair cut! It looks so adorable. They relaxed and played games since Bryce can’t really go to the park and play because of his foot. Once I got home we took off to my parents house! Earlier that morning I was told my dog Alice had a litter of 10 puppies! (WOW!) and I wanted to see them as soon as possible. When we got there all Bryce wanted to do was pick up a puppy, but since they are only a few hours old he had to settle with just petting them. He was so stinkin cute. He pointed to Alice and said “Mom?” I told him he was right, that Alice was a mom now and that she loved her babies! I asked him if he wanted a puppy and he turned to dad and said “Please?” Dada told us no. Haha. One thing happened though that I want to share- I stood up from the couch and started walking away and Bryce called out to me, I said “I’m going to the bathroom Bryce!” He then placed his hand on his bottom and said “Mom…” very quietly. I picked him up and took him with me quick! He told me he needed to use the big boy potty with is the first he has ever done with us! Took off his pants and being at my parents house we didn’t have a kids toilet seat I sat him down and held him there on the seat. He started pushing and though he didn’t accomplish the actual potty, he did fart. Haha, but oh my goodness I was so excited I tried my hardest not to scream for Brandon! He didn’t poop but he knew!!!! We are so proud! Well around 9 o’clock and after raiding my parents movie selections and watermelon stash we left to come home and went to bed.
Sunday was the fun day we took pictures of Bryce and us, and went to our favorite Chinese food place like usual and wandered the mall, we even decorated our windows with some Halloween decorations! At around 4:30 Brandon’s dad picked up Bryce and took him home to Seminole (Which is usually my job, that is Bryce’s and I’s special time together in the car where we sing and talk. However it was better I sit this one out for personal reasons).
Weekends go by very fast, I can see the toll it takes on Brandon every time he has to say bye to his son. Its hard, and I know it. He is always a little off when Bryce leaves. Its because he loves him so much! But we can’t do anything about it. Bryce knows we love him and we do the best we can.


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