Toddler bed.

So today I went and purchased Bryce’s new big boy bed! It was exhausting and took Megan and I almost an hour to put it together! By the time Brandon got home we were a mess! He ended up having to fix all the damage we girls did and let’s just say it took him just as long! Those things are difficult! I sure hope he likes it, something tells me he’s not gonna wanna sleep alone though without dad!

I got a little sad putting it together, it’s exactly like my nephews bed was when he was Bryce’s age. Jaxon always wanted me to sleep with him in that tiny bed. Even though I had to pull my legs pretty much into my stomach and I was so uncomfortable.. I didn’t mind because I had my little man by my side! I miss him everyday, I especially miss him being so little. One night I had a laser pointer and we played with it on the wall for nearly an hour. Jaxon would grab for it on the wall and as he cupped his hands over it I shut it off. He would then look into his hand expecting to find the red dot (which I pointed into his little palms, to make it seem like he had it!) his giggles and excitement still lift my heart to this day!

I hope I see him soon, I miss him a bunch.. I wish I had this same connection with my niece Lillian, but with her living so far from us I find it hard to get the quality time I want. I don’t think we will be as close as Jax and I and that makes me a little upset. She’s a little ham though when I do get my time with her. She’s a little evil I have to say!! Plus the thinks she is way older then she really is! Only two teeth and stealing my frosted mini wheat cereal!? Suzie don’t think so! She likes to wear my bras too! She better slow her roll, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Late night post over, goodnight everyone:)




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