Pumpkin Patch.

We had Bryce again this weekend, and it went by too fast like always. Wish we got more time, maybe even 50/50. Brandon loves son so much it always breaks my heart when I see him after we give Bryce back. It seems so unfair that a father as involved as Brandon is ordered that … More Pumpkin Patch.

Personal entry.

I can’t explain how happy I am. I have a great job, a great family, a great boyfriend, a wonderful stepson, and amazing place of my own! I never thought I would be this stable in my life at such a young age. Shit, maybe I should just be a financial planner and work in … More Personal entry.

Big boy weekend.

Firstly, I’d like to say our poor Bryce got hurt a few days ago while at daycare… Brandon and I decided to take our day off and go to Seminole and check out where he was being taken care of when he wasn’t with us. The place was cute, and we soon left after saying … More Big boy weekend.

Toddler bed.

So today I went and purchased Bryce’s new big boy bed! It was exhausting and took Megan and I almost an hour to put it together! By the time Brandon got home we were a mess! He ended up having to fix all the damage we girls did and let’s just say it took him … More Toddler bed.

Refuse to sink.

Ain’t that the truth! No matter what happens I am going to continue to be the woman I am today. No matter how many times people attempt to knock me down, I will always rise above them with a smile on my face! I thank God for all of the difficult people in my life, … More Refuse to sink.