My little hammerhead turns 7!

If you know me personally, you will know that my nephew is a big part of my life.
I remember my sister one night coming home pretty late, she crawled in be with me and we talked. She threw me off guard by what she had to say- “Sue.. I think I might be pregnant.” I was shocked, we spoke a little more and I told her I would always be there for her.
Seven years ago he was born, I still remember that day perfectly! I stayed at my friend Tori’s house because my family was at the hospital early. They told me I needed to go to school and they would pick me up once the baby was here. I called my sister before I left, she told me she was scared and about to go into the room she would have Jax in. She cried, I cried a told her I loved her!
I was in my cheer uniform in Mrs. Williams science class and I heard the door open. I saw the principle and my dad an basically ran out the door! We got to the hospital and to the baby window, my dad pointed out my beautiful nephew. I just cried. His “sperm donor” and his family were beside me, I paid them no attention.
I got to my sisters room, man she was drugged up! Haha- but we stayed there for a while until I had to go back to school. I remember holding Jaxon William Atchley- again I cried. (Sorry, I’m such a cry baby!) I took one look at him and knew I would never be the same!
My sister lived with us, we shared a room together until we were able to transform the office to a room of her own. I helped raise Jaxon, my sister worked and was out of the house a lot since Jaxon’s “dad” wasn’t in the picture much. So my mom and I worked day and night making sure he was taken care of.
Jaxon is such a big part of my life, when my sister got married, pregnant, and was able to move she of course took him with her almost 6 hours away. I was devastated she was leaving! Taking both Jax and her newborn Lillian. I sat Jaxon down one day- “Little man, if I were to get a tattoo for you what would you like me to get? I want to get something for you, so when you move with mom and Daddy D I will always have a piece of you with me.” His smiled that big smile I his and shouted “A SHARK! A great white!!” Whoa now- great whites scare the crap outta me! So he said a Hammerhead would be good too.
So this Saturday my little shark turns 7. Hard to believe… It was only yesterday I was changing him, holding him in the nook of my arms as we both slept on the recliner. Now, he is big enough to hold conversations with me, tell me how he is feeling, tell me how school is going! This little boy, my nephew, has felt with things no child should have to go through. Nasty court battles, a not so great bio dad… But he still is able to smile as play and love like nobody I’ve ever known.

So happy early birthday Jaxon, I wish you could always stay young. I wish I could see you play baseball every week like I use too! I love you everyday, and miss you so much! Remember that your aunt would do anything for you.

Love, your aunt SushišŸŸšŸ’š




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