DIY chevron-ish wall painting.

I found something similar on Pinterest today an gave it my own twist. First I collected all my supplies, acrylic paints of my choice (red, orange, yellow, white, blue, and black) a canvas, painters tape, paintbrushes, and a wooden A (for Alvarado of course!)


Then I painted random splotches of different colors, overlapping wherever I wanted. After it dried I placed tape in a chevron pattern and painted over it all with white. I put two coats of white to make sure the color did not show through. (I also painted the A black as it dried)


After the paint was all dried, I peeled the tape off the canvas. Hot glued the A into the middle and viola! Mounted it to the wall! The white paint did not stick well and peeled away a bit when the tape was remove but I like the messy look it added to the finished product.


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