Daddy’s Weekend.

We got Bryce this weekend! He got here around 7:30 ish on Friday. Brandon and I had finally finished moving into our new home and we were excited to show Bryce! He was questionable when he walked in but he instantly became happy when he walked around the rooms! I know our family will be much happier here. šŸ”šŸ’›
Saturday after I got off of work Brandon, his sister Kristen, Bryce and I made our way to the fair in town. The look on Bryce’s little face was perfect when he saw the rides. “DAD! MOM!” He kept shouting and pointing.
“Are you excited Bryce? We’re going to the petting zoo and we’re going to ride the rides!”
His reply is always a “YEAH!!!”
He was hesitant at the petting zoo, but enjoyed it very much. He rode some rides and ate a bunch of food with dad. We even saw a side attraction, Rock-it Robot. He was fascinated! But when we tried to take a photo he freaked out, haha. We left after some caramel apples and came home to rest.
Sunday we woke up early, ate breakfast, and went to get Bryce a Halloween Costume! I won’t spoil the surprise but he looks SUPER! We let him pick out his own because he is such a big boy now. He was very happy with his choice and even picked out dads! Then we went to the play ground like every Sunday and let Bryce play. After playtime and a much needed lunch we got to come home and nap. At 4pm is when we get ready to leave to take Bryce home to his mom. This time is always the hardest and always full of tears and sadness… Bryce knows. He knows what it means when we put him in his go home clothes and pack up his daycare snacks. His attitude shifts to quiet and not as energetic. He give dad kisses because he has to go to work, he loves his dad so much.
“Bye dada….”
My heart breaks every time.. He was very attached to me this weekend as well. I had to be involved in everything! So this weekend was even harder to say bye. My mom came with me on this trip out if town and after he left I held back tears like always. It’s hard, it’s a hurt you could not understand even if I try to explain to you. At least we know he is safe.








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