Picking and choosing your battles.

As most of my life has changed drastically the past year+, I’ve learned that you can’t win all the battles that are thrown your way. I recently have come to terms that you don’t have to react when others try to hurt you. Silence is the best response to a fool anyway so I’ve been told. Haha.

What do I do when somebody says something hateful to me online/text? Pshh… Whatever haha. You can call me every name in the book, it won’t bring me down. Want to know why? Because I’m better than that. I show people the respect they show me, an if you don’t show me respect -welp- I don’t need you in my life! That’s why I’ve lost so many friends this past few years. I don’t need you fake people in my life.

So if you post something on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, any other social site about me trying to hurt me just know it does nothing to me. But it shows your immaturity- especially when I’ve already cut you out of my life months (even a year) ago. So I have no choice but to smile and laugh.

Just remember that.



My little hammerhead turns 7!

If you know me personally, you will know that my nephew is a big part of my life.
I remember my sister one night coming home pretty late, she crawled in be with me and we talked. She threw me off guard by what she had to say- “Sue.. I think I might be pregnant.” I was shocked, we spoke a little more and I told her I would always be there for her.
Seven years ago he was born, I still remember that day perfectly! I stayed at my friend Tori’s house because my family was at the hospital early. They told me I needed to go to school and they would pick me up once the baby was here. I called my sister before I left, she told me she was scared and about to go into the room she would have Jax in. She cried, I cried a told her I loved her!
I was in my cheer uniform in Mrs. Williams science class and I heard the door open. I saw the principle and my dad an basically ran out the door! We got to the hospital and to the baby window, my dad pointed out my beautiful nephew. I just cried. His “sperm donor” and his family were beside me, I paid them no attention.
I got to my sisters room, man she was drugged up! Haha- but we stayed there for a while until I had to go back to school. I remember holding Jaxon William Atchley- again I cried. (Sorry, I’m such a cry baby!) I took one look at him and knew I would never be the same!
My sister lived with us, we shared a room together until we were able to transform the office to a room of her own. I helped raise Jaxon, my sister worked and was out of the house a lot since Jaxon’s “dad” wasn’t in the picture much. So my mom and I worked day and night making sure he was taken care of.
Jaxon is such a big part of my life, when my sister got married, pregnant, and was able to move she of course took him with her almost 6 hours away. I was devastated she was leaving! Taking both Jax and her newborn Lillian. I sat Jaxon down one day- “Little man, if I were to get a tattoo for you what would you like me to get? I want to get something for you, so when you move with mom and Daddy D I will always have a piece of you with me.” His smiled that big smile I his and shouted “A SHARK! A great white!!” Whoa now- great whites scare the crap outta me! So he said a Hammerhead would be good too.
So this Saturday my little shark turns 7. Hard to believe… It was only yesterday I was changing him, holding him in the nook of my arms as we both slept on the recliner. Now, he is big enough to hold conversations with me, tell me how he is feeling, tell me how school is going! This little boy, my nephew, has felt with things no child should have to go through. Nasty court battles, a not so great bio dad… But he still is able to smile as play and love like nobody I’ve ever known.

So happy early birthday Jaxon, I wish you could always stay young. I wish I could see you play baseball every week like I use too! I love you everyday, and miss you so much! Remember that your aunt would do anything for you.

Love, your aunt Sushi🐟💚



Daddy’s Weekend.

We got Bryce this weekend! He got here around 7:30 ish on Friday. Brandon and I had finally finished moving into our new home and we were excited to show Bryce! He was questionable when he walked in but he instantly became happy when he walked around the rooms! I know our family will be much happier here. 🏡💛
Saturday after I got off of work Brandon, his sister Kristen, Bryce and I made our way to the fair in town. The look on Bryce’s little face was perfect when he saw the rides. “DAD! MOM!” He kept shouting and pointing.
“Are you excited Bryce? We’re going to the petting zoo and we’re going to ride the rides!”
His reply is always a “YEAH!!!”
He was hesitant at the petting zoo, but enjoyed it very much. He rode some rides and ate a bunch of food with dad. We even saw a side attraction, Rock-it Robot. He was fascinated! But when we tried to take a photo he freaked out, haha. We left after some caramel apples and came home to rest.
Sunday we woke up early, ate breakfast, and went to get Bryce a Halloween Costume! I won’t spoil the surprise but he looks SUPER! We let him pick out his own because he is such a big boy now. He was very happy with his choice and even picked out dads! Then we went to the play ground like every Sunday and let Bryce play. After playtime and a much needed lunch we got to come home and nap. At 4pm is when we get ready to leave to take Bryce home to his mom. This time is always the hardest and always full of tears and sadness… Bryce knows. He knows what it means when we put him in his go home clothes and pack up his daycare snacks. His attitude shifts to quiet and not as energetic. He give dad kisses because he has to go to work, he loves his dad so much.
“Bye dada….”
My heart breaks every time.. He was very attached to me this weekend as well. I had to be involved in everything! So this weekend was even harder to say bye. My mom came with me on this trip out if town and after he left I held back tears like always. It’s hard, it’s a hurt you could not understand even if I try to explain to you. At least we know he is safe.







DIY chevron-ish wall painting.

I found something similar on Pinterest today an gave it my own twist. First I collected all my supplies, acrylic paints of my choice (red, orange, yellow, white, blue, and black) a canvas, painters tape, paintbrushes, and a wooden A (for Alvarado of course!)


Then I painted random splotches of different colors, overlapping wherever I wanted. After it dried I placed tape in a chevron pattern and painted over it all with white. I put two coats of white to make sure the color did not show through. (I also painted the A black as it dried)


After the paint was all dried, I peeled the tape off the canvas. Hot glued the A into the middle and viola! Mounted it to the wall! The white paint did not stick well and peeled away a bit when the tape was remove but I like the messy look it added to the finished product.


A love like no other.

Every girl has that dream of meeting the man of their dreams, love at first sight and the whole fairy tale thing. Well this is how I met mine, it may not have been love at first sight… For me at least! But I didn’t just get one perfect guy, I got two! A bonus mini Brandon that I get to call my stepson!

I met the man of my dreams at the age of 18 in a sports bar back room concert show September 24th 2011. I was with a friend at a Life on Repeat concert sitting down, she leaned over to me and asked me, “Do you know that boy across the room? The one staring at you?” I spotted a boy with tattoos along his right arm, long curly brown hair, and big round eyes staring at me and replied to her “Uhhh….No.” He must have noticed me notice him, because he stood up immediately and came over. He introduced himself, sounding eager and excited, “Hi I’m Brandon. What’s your name? You seem like a pretty cool chick.” I was freaked out, I’m not use to guys being so upfront and a little overwhelming. I told him my name and he asked for my number which I gave to him uncertainly. He walked away and began texting me. I didn’t realize it then, but I had just hopped onto a roller coaster ride relationship with no way off. (But in a good way, as you will see!) We hung out for the first time at the mall, I was still uneasy about him, I didn’t know a single thing about this guy! We walked around, he bought me a belly button ring, an anchor. And at the end of our little adventure I told him I liked his band shirt he had on…he then took the shirt off his back in the parking lot and gave it to me (showing off his very nice looking body an chest piece<3) I knew right then I had to stop talking to this guy, I was not ready for a relationship. We hung out once or twice more and I admit, I was a bitch to him, so he became an asshole to me. We parted ways and dated other people, texting every once and a blue moon. Well, months passed. This is when I found out he had a son, he was still an infant and barely turned one, also I found out he was married once before and now divorced.. At the time I didn’t think much of it. We ended up texting in the beginning of May of 2012 and somehow I ended up hanging out at his place. Something had changed and I think we both realized that there was some sort of connection there, maybe it was our noses, or the fact that we had both been picked on because of our “Bird beak”, or our love for the movie Tremors…Maybe it was just that we actually talked and got to know each other on a deeper note. Whatever it was, a kiss sealed the deal and we both knew it was different. We started dating shortly after on May 28, 2012.

We have been together over a year now, and we currently live together. Brandon has shared custody of his son, we get him every first, third, and last weekend of the month and alternating holidays, Thursdays from 6-8. And the whole month of July! But his son lives and hour and 10minutes away with his mom and her new boyfriend and her newborn. It’s not an easy life as most stepparents and divorced dads/moms know. I’m not complaining about my life, let’s get that straight right now. I love my boyfriend and his son. Yes- I didn’t grow up hoping that one day I would become a stepmom and have to grow up a little quicker then usual.. But I would not change this life for anything. Every fight, every hurtful comment, every day is worth it for this man and his son.


New blog to help me out.

      I have been wanting to start a blog for a long time now. I don’t really think anybody will care much to read what I have to say but this is for my personal stuff. I need a way to vent in a healthy way about what is on my mind from day to day. I have dealt with a lot in my life and my life has never been very easy. Some days are just harder then usual. Being so young, trying to figure out what I want to do with my life, pursuing it, all while dealing with stresses such as being a soon to be step mom, a blog seemed like a good idea. So here you go, this is my blog, my own story (if there is one!) to help me get through the struggles that I face. I will post crafts I do, vent about the day, what it’s like being a young step mom, just about anything I want really. So I hope you enjoy my blog about whatever the hell I decide to post.