T-Ball love! #3

Well last night was Bryces official 1st t-ball game! His team is the Pirates through LCAA and we played against the White Sox. 

     I’ll start from the beginning, we enrolled Bryce back in March and have been excited ever since! We practiced on our own time until official practices started the beginning of June. The first 5 practices have been eventful, learning the bases and practicing hitting the ball is always fun to watch. Im glad that we have the youngest team, because it’s not that serious. It’s just a way for the kids to learn the ropes and have FUN, although most of the time they are sitting in the dirt pickin grass and kicking rocks, haha. 

     Well last night was the first real game, and the White Sox seemed to have quite a few older kids about 5. So it’s safe to say we “lost” but honestly it’s not a loss in our books because Bryce and his new friends all had fun. During the game Brandon and I had to stand on the side lines and remind Bryce to get off the floor and keep his eye on the ball though! What can you expect out of a bunch of 4 year old lol! 

     Bryce even ran a home run (kind of!) when it was his turn to bat he hit the ball and took off running! The older kid caught the ball and got him out before he reached 1st base but that didn’t stop him from RUNNING THE ENTIRE FIELD! He shuffle-ran *despite all our calling out to him to come back* to second and third and as he reached home the coach grabbed him and took him to the dugout. We were all so proud though!  That’s determination! 

     Bryce was happy, you could tell! Nana and TinTin came as well as his mom, step dad, brother, memaw, and cici came to watch him so you could tell he was happy that we were all able to come together and support our little man! 

    His next game is this Thursday, and he will be attending practice tonight at 6:30pm. So hopefully we can work on learning a little bit more with all the kids and maybe take home a win soon!


Dugout hangs! 


Running home!


Caught by the coach lol
 With love,  

Baby fever? 

I have wanted to talk about this subject for such a long time now it’s finally aggravated me enough to take time out of my day to type it up. 

     Ever since the dawn of Brandon and I’s relationship there has always been somebody to ask: “So when are yall planning on having a baby?” That was when we were only dating!!! So you can imagine just how worse it’s gotten now that we are married.    In today’s society pregnancy is so overwhelmingly abundant.  Whether married or not. But people automatically think that if you are married you HAVE to pop out a kid in the first year. (Absolutely nothing wrong with that!!!)  

     Look guys, I know I’m married. But can we please stop with the damn questions? No, we are not planning on having a baby right now. And I will even give you a list of reasons why, even though it’s none of your concern but I know you want to ask. 

Reason 1: I am 22. I applaud all men and ladies who choose to have kids right now or even earlier! However it is not for me and I still feel like I’m too young.

Reason 2: I work at the mall. DO NOT GET ME WRONG! I love my job, and I work hard, I make good money to take care of myself and my family. But I have bigger dreams, which would have to be altered if I were to get pregnant and have a baby right now. 

Reason 3: Bryce. We already have a child to take care of, and as were going to court, I don’t feel it’s fair to him or this make believe baby if I’m pregnant. 

Reason 4: court causes stress, why do you want me to be pregnant and stressed out all the time? Huh? No. Not fair or healthy to the make believe baby. 

Reason 5: I want to cherish my first few years of marriage with my husband and my step son. I want to go on trips, see things we’ve never seen before and done things we’ve never done! 

Reason 6: the idea of pregnancy scares me. YUPP. I’m terrified. Hopefully in a few years I’ll be mentally prepared. 
NOW, when I post a status saying I’m craving BBQ (because holy cow BBQ is amazing and we live in Texas) please don’t ask WHY ARE YOU CRAVING IT?? You preggers!?!?  If I’m sick, no it doesn’t automatically mean I have morning sickness! Or if my hands or feet are swollen, maybe it’s because I am on my feet all day? Maybe my hands swell when I’m cold? Weird I know. But it happens. 

When and if I become pregnant I WILL LET YOU ALL KNOW! I will post a huge ass chalkboard, I will take photos, I will post annoying statuss about my baby’s growth, I will tease you all with names we’ve picked out and I will host a gender reveal party with all the corny stuff and have a photoshoot with Brandon Bryce and I pulling a string on a box and have hundreds of little BLUE OR PINK papers that read;  “ITS A BOY/GIRL” “ARE YOU HAPPY YET EVERYBODY!?” “WERE PREGGERS”

Edit 6-4:

I got the implant today in my arm. Nexplanon. This implant is good for 3 years, so I ask that you all not ask me about when I’m planning for a baby. It’s 3 years. Maybe longer. 

So can you all lay off? You’re stressing me out. 

Here is a photo of the hulk because this is how I feel about this subject.  


Snow Adventures

So I’ve realized I’ve completely neglected my blog and making new entries. I have had many things to write about but finding the time to do so its near impossible lately. So today I’m going to type up a quick entry about Brandon and I’s first ski/snowboard trip together with my family.

For the past few months leading up to spring break I told Brandon that snowboarding was HARD… And as much as he wanted to he wouldn’t be a Shaun White on the slopes his first few trips on the mountain. But he insisted that I was wrong and was determined. (One of the qualities I love about him!) as the time drew closer to our vacation we both grew so extremely excited, I dreamt of skiing and being on top of the mountain for weeks! I was beyond ready for this very deserved, long overdue mini vacation.
This year it was my dad, brother, his friend Jacob, Brandon, and I. We left late around midnight and got to Taos, New Mexico at around 4:00am. The hotel didn’t let us check in just yet so we ended up sleeping in our car until some restaurants opened and we have breakfast. We wasted no time at all and headed straight to the slopes. Thank goodness I packed mini toothbrushes, mouth wash, contact solution, and of course my makeup (can’t look like a scrub all the time right?) haha. We got out 3 day lift tickets and our gear and headed to our great adventure.
Brandon, Thomas and Jacob went to the bunny slope for a while to show Brandon the ropes to snowboarding while dad and I headed to the top of the mountain.


Dad and I getting ready to shred!

The mountain was empty, only a few other people were there but for the most part we didn’t have to worry about knocking kids over or having to maneuver around slow skiers and snowboarders. It was pure bliss. Dad is the best ski buddy. Ever year we go skiing he is always right by my side! We headed to the middle part of the mountain, typically you have to take a few lifts to get to the very top, skid a few blues and greens to get back in the groove of things and headed to the top. The weather was beyond amazing, it was gloomy and poured down snow a few times! God has blessed us with the perfect first day.

It’s very hard to see, but there is a lift headed up that mountain in the back ground into the cloudy abyss. THAT is the highest peak. Kachina peak. Dad spotted it and knew that was a run we had never done before. We asked a ski instructor how to get over to the lift and he showed us on the map how. He warned us though, “That is a double black diamond, I would only recommend that to professionals.” After we left dad pulled me aside – “We can do it. Let’s do it. Now or never.”
I chose never. Haha!

Later once we got down from the top we found Brandon, ate lunch and relaxed before hitting the slopes again, this time we took Brandon to the top with us. Needless to say he hated us. He still wasn’t master of the board but he made it down the mountain pretty good! After skiing for just about 8 hours we headed to the hotel, lathered on a bucket of Icy Hot and went to eat. That was basically our entire trip.

The second day Brandon went off on his own to practice by himself. (He got insanely better! I was very happy.) this day was a little busier, but not bad. I could tell that my dad really wanted to hit up Kachina Peak, and I would have hated myself if I kept him from doing something he wanted. So after invisioning myself in a wheelchair at work and how hard it was going to be selling shoes with two broken legs I decided that we should go. Dad was mega excited and I was mega about to pee myself on the lift up to the scary abyss. Not going to lie. I almost rode the lift back down. But I put my big girl pants on and sucked it up. I looked down at the almost 90 degree drop with moguls all the way down, and said “Let’s do it.”
I said a small prayer for my dad and I that we make it down safely and he listened! No broken bones or concussions. Although I stumbled a few times I didn’t WIPE OUT! 😁


I can officially say I slayed the double black diamond. Thanks dad for encouraging me!


Later that day we met up with Brandon and hit the slopes a few more time before heading home. I was more than proud of myself and told everybody I had conquered the mountain!

On our last day dad and I forced Brandon to the top again and went down quite a few times, he had gotten snowboarding down to the basics and enjoyed himself. Even though he had a few bumps and bruises to show for it! He even told me “you were right, it’s not as easy as I thought.” Sweet, sweet, sweet victory haha.
On our free time off the mountain we of course did tourist things and searched the stores for little trinkets Bryce would enjoy when we got home. We ate A LOT, had ice-cream and whatnot. It was just a wonderful vacation away. Hopefully next time Bryce will be able to come with us, and we will get him on a snowboard just like dad! He already tells us how he wants to be just like him, and wears Brandon’s snowboard goggles around the house!

Well until next time,
Bye everybody! 😊








Birthday Boy and the Barber.

As many of you know this past weekend was Bryce’s birthday! He turned 4 on January 30th which fell on a Friday that was our weekend visitation. Pretty exciting! We had gone to Seminole Thursday night for our weekly overnight visit, baked cupcakes for his daycare class, and watched movies all night. The following morning we woke up and wished out little man a happy birthday and took him to daycare and came back to Lubbock to work.
I’ve been stressing about his birthday party, asking myself ‘Do I have enough goodie bags?’ ‘How many kids and adults are coming?’ ‘when will I have time to make his cake?’ And ‘what if the reservation magically disappeared and his birthday party is ruined!?’ I was worried that his Big 4 party would shatter and crumble right before my eyes. Brandon was obviously much more laid back, encouraging me that it would be perfect no matter what. It’s easy to relax when you’re not an extreme perfectionist! 😝 Days before his party I did a test run on Bryce’s cake because I was working with homemade fondant. It turned out very well!

I decided last minute that I was not going to do the fondant cake, it was too difficult and time consuming; and let’s face it… I didn’t want to put all the time and effort to recreating the exact cake AGAIN the day of. I’d rather not stress! Can’t be a Pinterest mom ALL THE TIME..
Friday when Bryce came home to us in Lubbock, Bryce, Nana, Pa, his cousin Geovanni and Delilah, Uncle Ray, Mimi, Pawpaw, dad and I all went out to The Main Event for bowling. The kids had a blast, we all did! Bryce thought he was hilarious and anytime dad or I went to take a bite of our nachos he would grab a ball and throw it down the lane during our turns! We had so much fun, I am so thankful for our families, we are surrounded by love and support always.
Saturday was Bryce’s party, and it rained all day! I ran errands that morning, getting supplies and balloons and made the cake. All while dad and Nana played with the boys who were fighting (not literally) about who’s turn it was to play Minecraft. Uncle ray brought by Chibbs his dog for the boys to play with and Nana and Dad went to go buy stuff for Brandon’s Barber exam Monday. It was a nice morning but boy was I exhausted, haha! We ate lunch, Pa came to our house and we just relaxed till Bryces party.
His party was a blast, all his cousins and friends came.. They played games and ate lots of cake and pizza! I sat back and finally relaxed. Party host could take over now my job was done. The fun seemed to fly by and soon it was over. We got home, opened some gifts and watched The Book of Life for another million times.
Brandon that night was sorting all of his stuff for his exam on Monday. I helped him label. He had finished his barber course a few months ago and after passing his written exam it was time to take his practical. Him and his friend Bnav traveled to Dallas Sunday morning to prepare for it on Monday. He was so nervous, and despite how much I tried encouraging him (He had it in the bag, he’s a wonderful barber!) he worried himself sick! He left early Sunday morning so I spend the day with Bryce until he had to go back to his Memaws.
Monday I texted Brandon most of the day and waited by the phone impatiently to hear of his results. And at 4:40 he called.
“Hey! How did you do!?”
“I didn’t pass.”
“Shut the heck up, yes you did.”
“Haha yes I did!”
We talked about how exciting this was for us, how proud I was of him. He told me it was because of Bryce and I that he was so motivated. I had no doubts he would pass, like I said before, he’s amazing.
My husband is an official Barber! 💕 I can’t wait to see I’m in action! Barberados isn’t just a dream anymore. Can’t wait to see what the rest of this year has to offer us!





2014, you’ve been good to us.


Like many people today posting on Facebook right now, they are sharing their amazing year they have had. Many people got married, some pregnant, some had good years and some had bad. I guess that’s why I like the new year, it brings an end to it all, and you are able to start fresh (mentally fresh at least.)
I decided to share some of mine and my families highlighted moments, good and bad.

At the beginning of the year I was able to see my grandpa for the last time, able to say goodbye.. Come February he passed away and I had to lay to rest my first and most precious grandparent. Death is difficult, I’ve finally realized.. And the grieving period still hasn’t passed. But I know that he is happier with God. He sure was a God fearing man.. January also brought Bryces 3rd birthday! We celebrated at Gattiland with friends and family. Also, Bryce said ” I love you mom/dad” to Brandon and I! Not gonna lie, I cried.
March, I turned 21! Yippee! And to top it off the day after my birthday my lovely boyfriend Brandon and his son Bryce proposed to me! Wedding prep began immediately!
July, Bryce came home for the whole month! This was a huge month for us, filing for custody, and a huge camping trip. It was good and bad. Mostly good because our family can make it through anything, together. Bryce loved camping, and insists that we do it again!
September Brandon and I got married! It was lovely and everything I had hoped for. It rained the entire week of our wedding, so I’m hoping that means a lot of luck for us! 😊
October, Halloween with my little man! He was a teenage mutant ninja turtle! He was very independent in going door to door and getting candy.
November, thanksgiving! We didn’t have Bryce this year, we hardly got to see/hear from him at all. But Brandon and I did a split holiday and spent half the day with his family and half with mine. It was fun, and I was lucky to see my grandma!
December, oooooooohhhhh Christmas Christmas Christmas!! This was our first year married that we would all be together! We decided to host Christmas at our home. Both of our parents came along with my brother. I cooked my first turkey, and so much more and we opened presents all day. We have started a tradition of nerf gun fights!

This has been a great, but stressful year for us. But I wouldn’t change it for anything! We are very excited to see where 2015 takes us, hopefully in a good direction. Brandon will be working in an official barber shop, I will be going back to school, and hopefully be working at a dental office very soon! All we can do is continue to pray and give glory to God. We are so blessed.

Who knows, maybe 2015 will bring a little baby Alvarado?

Nahhhhh lol.


Alvarados First Christmas!

To think that we have been together for three years and this is our first Christmas together. When I say together I mean all three of us! Brandon, Bryce and I.
The first year Brandon and I went our separate ways. He had Bryce that Christmas but we were still new in our relationship, holidays were split. He went to his parents and I went to mine. The second year (last year) we didn’t have Bryce for Christmas, so we celebrated early and he unwrapped his gifts from us, then had to come back for his santa gifts. Brandon and I did Christmas half at my parents and half at his. But this year… I’m so excited.
First of all we are MARRIED!!! So we can officially call us “The Alvarados” and it’s our first Christmas that we will have Bryce on actual Christmas Day and we plan on staying put! Both of our families are coming over to our place, I’ll be cooking to feed everybody, and Bryce will enjoy being around all the people that love him!
We started our Christmas shopping early for Bryce, to insure that we got him everything we wanted to get him. Last month while working at the FFS I was highly stressed. Working two jobs to provide as much as I could for my family had been making me all funky. A boy about my age comes in and long story short he was asking me questions about my life…. I already aggravated told him I was married and had a almost 4 year little boy. (Thinking If he were hitting on me he would leave now!) The guy asked me why I was so tense and aggravated and I told him it’s because I’ve been putting in a lot of hours at my two jobs and I don’t like people I don’t know hitting on me when I have a husband and kid. He insured me he wasn’t hitting on me and asked why I have two jobs. I just told him “I want to give my son the best Christmas ever. And he wants something and his dad and I want to be able to get it.” The guy asked what it was and I told him and left. The next day he comes up to me and hands me a gift card loaded with money, he said “I hope your son has a good christmas.” Is it bad that I handed it back to him at first and told him “I don’t need your money, I can do this on my own. I’m not poor.” He insisted that he was doing this to ‘Pay it forward’ and didn’t expect anything from me and left. That was the last I saw of him, but I’m still in shock. After a friend had check to see if it was legit (and it was according to the mall office) I cried. Sometimes it’s hard in this world to believe that there are still people out there that are kind.
It’s crazy. It really is. But after that we were able to pay our bills with ease and gave me personally a new view on humanity. I always hear stories of how others pay it forward but it’s never happened to me. (Except that one time at Burger King where I let somebody else in front of me at the drive thru and they ended up paying for my small fries… But I think it’s cuz I let them cut.. Lol)

This past weekend was the first time in three weeks we were finally able to see and talk to Bryce. We weren’t allowed to talk to him over thanksgiving which was heartbreaking for us. So when we finally got him on Friday night we wanted to make the most of our weekend, because after he leaves who knows..
Dad and Bryce went to the science spectrum! They got to play with bubbles and see the reptiles, from all the pictures I got looked like they had fun!!! Mimi and Pawpaw brought Bryce a small kid size recliner that he loves! We even made teenage mutant ninja turtles ornaments! And on Sunday we took Bryce to see Santa!! He was so excited and unlike last year couldn’t wait to high five Mr. Clause and smile big for a picture. He asked for more cars and planes (like he doesn’t have enough already, haha.) we had such a good weekend, Bryce is talking more and it’s amazing finally being able to hold short conversations with him. He’s such a big boy, he doesn’t even ask to sleep in our bed anymore, it’s always “I go to bed in MY cool big bed.” And he will tuck himself in with his pillows and his pug beanie baby and put on a movie! 😭 stop growing please!!!!





Bye Miss Cat. :(

So this Sunday was not like any Sunday we have encountered ever. Usually I take this time to write about Bryce and Brandon ad what we did this weekend. However right now there’s a topic I would like to talk about.
Yesterday while outside sitting on the porch watching the boys ride their bike an skateboard, Brandon had waved me down over by the leasing office of our apartment complex. I ran over thinking Bryce and him found something cool, but when I reached them Brandon told me they found a cat that was hurt. It was in the pool area just a few feet from us. The fort thing I noticed was its breathing. You would hear it struggling an gasping for air. Then I noticed its eyes crusted shut, then it’s mouth hanging open and looked infected. This poor baby was skin and bones, badly hurt and in pain. We stood there for a while, Brandon and Bryce a safe distance away. I took photos and posted them online on a pet area site, asking for help. I would love to take this baby home with me but Bryce is extremely allergic to cats and we just wouldn’t be able to afford extreme vet bills. So I asked for help from the community that somebody with a kind heart please come help this baby. I refused to leave its side until I was sure somebody could come help. Many people replied, but nobody came to help.
Within this time Brandon had brought water and we grabbed a towel to wrap the cat up and a box to have it rest in. I had to call a shelter to come pick up the hurt baby. While we waited for the lady to come pick up the cat we stayed by its side.
Now just some personal information, we have these kids (about 7 or so ages ranging from 5-10 Im guessing) that live across from our building. They are always outside, screaming, yelling, throwing things and tearing the complex apart. Parents are nowhere to be found and let them get away with murder. They stampede over to Brandon and I yelling “OH MY GAWD ITS OUR CAT OUR KITTY ITS NOT DEAD! She was hurt we’ve been caring for her for like a week but she’s mean and she ran away from us.” They hovered over the cat who became scared and whimpered. I asked them if they owned the cat because it’s very badly injured. They said no they just found it and it was hurt an within the week of them caring for it she got worse and worse until she just disappeared. (ran away for dear life I’m assuming) All telling me this while theirs two dogs run out of their apartment and they start screaming and grabbing the dogs and jerking them around like rag dolls. I’m furious and tell them to go take their dogs home. This upsets me, for one, when you come across a injured animal like this you need to find an adult. Not just take it. It could have diseases or be rabid! Second, if it’s injured badly it needs to be taken to get medical help. These kids were irresponsible and so are the parents whom WILL be hearing from me very soon!!! I finally told the kids to back off and took Miss Cat to our apartment porch and stayed next to her box until the shelter lady got there.
She showed up just before 5:30, she checked out Miss Cat and informed me that it from what she could determine the cat had severe head trauma, a broken and caved in jaw, underfed (probably because jaw) and from what it looked like was most likely abused. She informed me that they would most likely have to put her down because she was in such pain and her injuries were severe. My heart broke for this cat, but honestly I was relieved. I wouldn’t want her to suffer anymore. She would die eventually from her injuries anyways but slowly and painfully. At least this way it would be quick and painless and she wouldn’t suffer anymore. Bryce Brandon and I said goodbye to Miss Cat, and as we were the kids ran to the lady in the truck and bombarded her with questions of the cat. Which she wouldn’t answer. I told them she was taking the cat to the hospital to hopefully recover. But if they were to come across another injured animal to find an adult as soon as possible.
I’m not sure what happened to this cat, and I dont want to think of those children whom “took care” of it that they would abuse it purposely… But it breaks my heart to no end to think of somebody who is able to hurt a cat on purpose. What kind of human being could do that!!
We did everything we could for Miss Cat, I even got scorned by somebody online for letting a shelter take the cat.


What else was there to be done? What else could we do when nobody came forward. I refused to leave it to die alone and painfully and the only option was to call a shelter. If you want to scorn somebody for calling a shelter as a last resort why didn’t you come get the cat? Why didn’t you contact me to help? Yeah… You didn’t…

Please everybody, if you come across an injured or abused animal please contact somebody for help. Don’t leave it alone to suffer. That animal didn’t ask for any of this.


Few steps toward a long road.

I know getting healthy doesn’t just happen overnight. It is a long and sometimes difficult road just getting started. And I am happy to say that I’ve taken steps to start bettering my life! As I stated in my last blog, to me it’s not about getting skinny, it’s about bettering my life and choosing to live a better healthier life then I am now.
I first started with getting my membership back at my old gym Planet Fitness. Which I will be attending hopefully about everyday after I get off work. So far it’s been great! I start off with a 2 mile warm up followed by stretching. Then I go and do weights and work on my legs and move to my arms. I’m not gonna lie but I HATE running. I despise it with a passion. I enjoy weights and free weights! But I can’t just lift, I have to work up my cardio in case a zombie outbreak! :(

After getting my membership comes food planning. I searched the internet (mostly Pinterest!) for healthy dinners and snacks an planned my grocery list accordingly. With the help of my husband we’ve picked out and tried out a few different entrees to add to our cook book. Cilantro Lime Chicken is one of our favorites! Along with dinner prep I also began snack prep. So I loaded up on many granola bars, oatmeal, yogurt, fruits, veggies, 90 calorie snacks, and more. This will also help with saving some money, instead of going to get an buy food while were at work we can just preamble snack packs and take it with us!

Now I’m not one to believe in “miracle products” or “quick fixes”
But along with working out and eating better I plan to add onto my fitness journey the product “It Works” body wraps. From what I’ve read and heard about from other people who’ve tried it, these are good products meant to tone and firm up skin. This will come in handy around my upper arms and thigh area. So hopefully I will see a difference with working out, eating better, and body wraps combined. And even if I don’t see tone or firm results with the product I did read that is it very good for your skin anyways;
“Filled with essential vitamins for the skin, the applicator ingredients gives the body what it wants and needs to stay healthy. As the largest organ system of the body, it is crucial to properly nourish the skin.
In order to obtain 100 percent benefit of the product and allow the nutrients to work in their entirety, it is recommended not to use the applicator more than every 72 hours.”
So at least my body still gets to benefit. I am not ashamed to say and show that I use products like this, some people are and like to keep it a secret, but if something works and is good for you why hide it??

Lastly, like most humans who need something to look forward too, I set goals. Weight loss goals, muscle building goals, attendance goals, an more. As humans we need motivation, so usually there has to be something during this journey I can look forward to! So anytime I reach a goal, and maintain it I have devised a type of rewards system. After my first goal, if I maintain it I will purchase myself a new pair of running shoes, these new shoes will go towards my next goal of running 3 miles in less than 25 minutes. Then after completing that goal will continue the cycle and so on. My grand prize for myself will be a new hair style (cut and color) to complete my “new healthy me” look and lifestyle!


Gym, craft, laundry.

Hard to believe it’s been 3 years since I graduated high-school. During mine and Brandon’s move into our new place I found my old high-school yearbooks and while looking back at all the memories I remember one of my favorites: powerlifting and track. I didn’t do powerlifting a whole lot because it interfered with my track schedule but the time I did do it I remember how tone and fit I was. I weighed 111lbs during powerlifting. And boy was I healthy. I wasn’t exactly ‘skinny’… Which is why I like to use the term healthy more. I hardly had fat, it was all muscle! And after these years of not working out every single day like back then I can see a difference.
That muscle turned into ‘bat wings’ on my arm, a large butt and thighs made up of fat and no longer a fit muscle. And I no longer had the flattest stomach.
Now, I’m not saying I’m FAT. I’m not, and I think I look beautiful! However, my cardio and muscles have taken a negative toll on my not working out phase. And I have decided enough is enough. Normally I would NOT write a blog about my weight and working out and being fit. But I figured if I did I would be motivated a little more. Having strangers read about my journey in working out might make me feel accountable for my actions? Maybe, I don’t know. But I’m gonna do it!
I got my membership back at my gym, and now I don’t have any excuse not to go. Before it was ‘oh I have too much to do for the wedding’ ‘I don’t have time’ ‘I have to pack for the move’ ‘I deserve to watch this episode of teen mom’ haha. Basically I was making up excuses until I knew I had nothing else to to. (Like the wedding, then moving into a new place) NOT ANYMORE!
Along with working out, Brandon and I (Yes babe, YOU TOO!) will be eating healthier. And I hope to share with you all different recipes that I try and enjoy most that are good for a healthy lifestyle.

*me dead at the gym years ago lol (the things you find on your laptop.)

Halloween Craft for kids!


So today I want to share with you guys a craft I did last year with my step son Bryce. He absolutely loved this and I plan to do something similar this year. I posted this craft to Pinterest and actually got a few repins so I figured I share with all of you a little halloween craft!
What you will need:
1 Canvas
Black, white, brown, yellow, red, orange paints.
Modge Podge to finish it off.

First what we did was paint the entire canvas black except for one circle you will leave white. After that is dried you will paint the white circle yellow to represent the moon. Let everything dry completely.

Hand print tree.
Second you will paint your child’s hand brown. (Be super careful! This tends to get messy!!) once completely covered place their hands directly in the middle of the canvas. Clean their hand immediately with warm water and soap. Next you will take the brown paint and (you or child) paint the trunk of the tree. Just directly under the hand print. Let dry!

Ghost Feet

Third, paint your child’s feet white, and place them (toes facing down) on the canvas. Clean feet immediately after with warm water and soap! Let dry.

Leaves and ghostly faces
This is what my step son enjoyed the most (besides getting his feet painted!) I took my paint palette and put a little bit of red, orange, and yellow paint in each individual section and let him go crazy! He finger painted all the leaves around his hand print tree. Next you or your child can put three dots for the ghosts faces. Two eyes and a mouth. Clean fingers afterwards with warm water and soap. Allow all to dry.

Parents- after all is dry write with a paint pen or with brushes your child’s name and the year! After all that is dry seal the painting with Modge Podge and once it’s all dry hang up your child’s painting for the world to see!

I hope you enjoyed me little tutorial, if you try this out please post a link of your finished work in the comments below I would love to see them!!!