Does this thing really work? ItWorks Cleanse System

  Some of you know that I did take part of the week long ItWorks system cleanse. This included: ItWorks Ultimate body applicator Thermofit Defining gel Cleanse Greens “A typical person has about 10 pounds of waste in their system! Using this brand new cleanse product can help eliminate that extra weight!***** *****results may vary” I … More Does this thing really work? ItWorks Cleanse System

Feminist and family court – men are not PRIVILAGED. 

Yesterday I had commented on a video about feminism. This particular video like many I’ve seen before showed young girls, a tiny bit older then my son Bryce, yelling at the top of their lungs curse words such as “fuck” and “ass” and thinking that by screaming such words would get their point across. It … More Feminist and family court – men are not PRIVILAGED. 

T-Ball love! #3

Well last night was Bryces official 1st t-ball game! His team is the Pirates through LCAA and we played against the White Sox.       I’ll start from the beginning, we enrolled Bryce back in March and have been excited ever since! We practiced on our own time until official practices started the beginning of … More T-Ball love! #3

Baby fever? 

I have wanted to talk about this subject for such a long time now it’s finally aggravated me enough to take time out of my day to type it up.       Ever since the dawn of Brandon and I’s relationship there has always been somebody to ask: “So when are yall planning on having … More Baby fever? 

Snow Adventures

So I’ve realized I’ve completely neglected my blog and making new entries. I have had many things to write about but finding the time to do so its near impossible lately. So today I’m going to type up a quick entry about Brandon and I’s first ski/snowboard trip together with my family. For the past … More Snow Adventures